Monday, April 12, 2010

Home Brand Alternatives

There's nothing quite like home-made everything. Your mum's cooking is always better than anything you could whip up once you move out of home. Roast dinners become baked beans served on an old WeetBix packet. Oh how you crave that secret combination of spices that light up your pallet like New Years Eve.

I was hoping to casually segue into local music from food... but whatever. The point is, Bon Chat, Bon Rat are better than... well... everyone. The 'Bon Chat, Bon Rat' name has been floating around for some time now. I see it occasionally in online discussions, or hear whispers out on the town. But finally, after sifting through my inbox and noticing an email from a familiar and respected music-lover (who also happens to be their manager), I was informed that their debut EP has landed.

The Ratters are a three-piece orchestra of bliss made up of Reece Cooper, Russel Smith and Alex Murray. All from Sydney, all talented and I know one of them personally so I instantly feel cooler by association.

Please check out their EP, available for free HERE. Yes all six tracks and some press kits are available for you the people. Thank them by checking out their myspace for upcoming gigs and releases. Hell, I'll even throw in their SoundCloud. Everyone knows SoundCloud is the new Myspace.

However, if you have limited bandwidth, do check out the following tracks that are for my mind the creme de la creme. It's hard to describe their electronic sound, but it's quite similar to the Neon Indian/Washed Out sound that is emerging. Soaring vocals and beautifully constructed melodic hooks that chop and change, but it really does work brilliantly.

Keep an eye on them, they're very much at the forefront of the 'new' sound and have big things coming their way.

Map of Sao Paulo - Bon Chat, Bon Rat

Tribes - Bon Chat, Bon Rat

Peace and Love.

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