Monday, April 12, 2010

Band Wagon

Nothing like waking up on a Tuesday, finally feeling above a 5 out of 10 after a weekend bend, and finding music from one of the "it" groups bouncing around the blogiverse in your inbox.

For anybody who hasn't heard the delightful Sweet Carrie yet from American group NightWaves, then today, rest easy assured that you're now almost as cool as everybody who was on this group weeks ago.

NightWaves is the baby of two blokes called Kyle and Josh from LA. As a four-piece live band they've just finished shows at both SXSW and WMC, and beyond the stage they are a part of Binary, the LA collective of producers and artists which is currently making waves as the American center for the modern Dream Wave movement.

NightWaves themselves are responsible for some seriously melodic synthpop. Their sound is kind of like a pop band gone new wave, but they got stuck along the way. While there's some serious organic synths and summer innocence in there songs, all of them are edgy enough to give them much more girth than other artists they align them selves with.

So yeah.. despite being hard to describe, they're easy to listen to. Let's leave it at that.

Here's the video for their "hot" single at the moment, Sweet Carrie, and if you like the tune, it's available on iTunes!

NightWaves - Sweet Carrie from Binary Entertainment on Vimeo.

What I can blog however, is a truly amazing remix of the song by fellow binary artist Alfa. There has been several remixes of Sweet Carrie by a veritable who's who of the lo-fi world, and while all are accomplished, this is the only one that really upgrades the original. According to the Binary website, Alfa bridges the gap between Electro and Dream Wave, which basically means kid can bang, but stay musical while he does so. Wish he could teach the Beetroots that game. They suck.

Sweet Carrie (Alfa Remix) - NightWaves

Here is the original Sweet Carrie on SoundCloud for those who are keen.
NightWaves - Sweet Carrie by weareNightWaves

For anybody who is interested in doing a remix of this song, they were also nice enough to send out the stems of this song, so email me at for a details.


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