Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I though I'd take this opportunity to celebrate our 100th post by going in a direction that we haven't gone since Hype Machine picked us up. LightsoverLA sent me an email earlier. Stormy couldn't sleep, so he decided to do a dubstep remix. At first I was a bit off, but I was always going to post it. And I think Stormy secretly knew that... bastard. By the way, how freaking awesome is Storm as a name. Real or not, chicks be frothin'!

Even though a vast ocean seperates us, I think I have a lot in common with Mr Storm. Whilst I do exude a love of disco and new/dream/chill wave electronica, I have a secret love of dubstep.

Some Chords (LightsoverLA's 5am Dubstep Remix) - Deadmau5

So, given that I've already posted some dub, I might as well post some more. These are the best dub tracks I've ever heard, only because they make you uncomfortable. This is what Dubstep is meant to do, or so I believe. You don't really want to advertise the fact you listen to filth. Anyway, these are a lot better than Stormy's track, but then again these probably had more thought processes than a 5am mindset.

Blue (J. Rabbit Remix) - Eiffel 65

Swagga - Excision & Datsik

Hello - AC Slater

What Do You Hear? - Ajapai

Websites are always an obligatory feature...
LightsoverLA are most awesome.
Excision and Datsik are also American I believe.
AC Slater is from Brooklyn. Someone told me he was from Melbourne. Idiot.
Ajapai is Japanese.

Now, for those of you who also like dubstep, don't expect much more to be posted here. But we have plenty of other quality beats to browse. For those of you who produce/make dubstep, don't send it to us. Unless you're Rusko or Caspa or Joker or someone like that. Even then I'd be hesitant.

Peace and Love.


  1. I on the other hand really like LightsoverLAs track. As another person who isn't a fan of dubstep, I like how he has kept the original in tact and not just gone for the standard wompy basss in most other dubstep tracks..

  2. hahahahahahaha
    i never said i didnt like it... it just isn't as good as others or their other work. in my opinion. from a closet dubber.

  3. you're more than just a closet dubber :-/ come party tonight!

  4. got soccer training. i hope vampire weekend can DJ. LCD sound system sure as hell cant. why the fuck are we comment talking on our own blog.

  5. excision and datsik are canadian!