Thursday, May 13, 2010

I want the bouncy ball and the Yo Yo

Guess who's back... back again.. Coupons back.. Tell a friend..

These guys have some mad skillz. We've spoken about them before on Groove City before. For those who don't know, Brent and Stu make some gorgeous synth sounds and coupled with their intense desire for success and the ensuing riches of women and remix work proceed to pump out quality remixes and originals on the regular.

This time they've tackled Yaesayer's tune One. It's really good.

They've also made a fantastic new original track, 'driving to your house party'. It's already been given the tick of approval by the likes of Aeroplane and as you can read over at Stoney Roads it's a pretty intense 116bpm track packed full of vintage synthesisers and an aweosome percussion break down which they've accurately described as being fitting for an 80s detective show. Think moustaches, handcuffs, big hair and flairs. I really haven't thought about flairs for a while and I'm glad I haven't. Hadn't. Oh darn.

One (Coupons Remix) - Yaesayer

Driving to your house party - Coupons

You can buy the full 320 here!

Check out their SoundCloud and stay tuned for the album drop.

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