Thursday, May 13, 2010

Watch your head spin!

I thought I'd throw a warning on this one... big room banging electro will follow. But I promise it's more enjoyable than surfing RedTube.

About 3 or 4 years ago my partner in crime here at Groove City introduced me to this track.

Pussy (Original Mix) - Nadastrom

When I first heard it this track really did blow me away with the huge drop that the whole song builds to. I listened to it non-stop for weeks and whenever I did play a crappy set, I'd drop this and think I was god. 'Pussy' is still an awesome track, and 4 years on is still streets ahead of some of the other electro crap that gets pumped out these days. How can two guys be this good?

When Matt Stromberg and Dave Nada put their rings together they create a powerful force destined to save the electro world from Steve Aoki. And for those who know a thing or two, I acknowledge Nadastrom have ties to Dim Mak but most of their work is done through Universal now (or so I believe). Besides, Steve doesn't have enough time to fuck over two electro powerhouses.

These tracks aren't new, but the reason I post them? Well, Nadastrom are set to play Oxford Art Factory on June 19th. Rumours of an Australian tour floated around in December last year, but now we can confirm one Sydney show, two in Melbourne. They'll also visit Newcastle, Wollongong, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra.

Stay tuned, I will post a link to tickets and promotional paraphernalia related to the show when it comes to hand.

This track is also pretty good. I love Shiny Toy Guns, I think they are brilliant across all albums and their sound is spot on. Nadastrom gave it the remix treatment and bang. Heavy, bass-driven gurnin' music. Kids be grinding their teeth off to this!

Ricochet (Nadastrom Remix) - Shiny Toy Guns

Check their website for full tour details. Tickets coming soon.

Peace and Love

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