Thursday, May 13, 2010


There was a time that the best thing about Canberra was the freeway built around it. There was a time when the best thing about Canberra was the porn and fire works. There was a time when the best thing about Canberra was the Questacon, but all of this has begun to change in recent years.

In a city filled with politicians and university students, it was realistically only a matter of time before power and frivolous behaviour caught up in what has become a real party hub. The big winner out of all of this is the rest of us in a way, as we begin to reap the benefits of the emerging music scene in the town, one such example of course being DJ Bricksta.

Now this isn't a name that I've been familiar with for too long but as his hilarious bio assures me, despite his age, he's been around the game for a while. At an age where most of his friends were still being dressed by their mothers, Bricksta was in his parents hidden love dungeon thumbing through disco, funk and rock vinyls. Once he discovered that those shiny grooved plastic circles were a magical gateway to the sedentary lifestyle of a superstar disc jockey, he saved up all the two dollar coins from his job at the ‘you’ve got a friend’ booth at Sexpo and purchased his first set of turntables.

In recent times, kid has been hosting radio shows, holding down club residencies at some of the freshest joints in the Capital and also been producing a lot of high quality beats. At the moment he has a upcoming 2 track EP on Canberra label 30hz Moth as well as a current release, "Cold Soul" out on Binary Releases (its a deep house tune), which can be found here.

One thing that Bricksta has is definitely versatility. His tracks range from funk to deep house, from filter house to breaks and even further out to the cosmos than you might have thought possible. It's truly a testement to the talent and the potential that this Canberra child prodigy has.

For your interest, here are 3 tunes that I've found that I'm sure you'll really enjoy. The first is a touch housy, the second is a bumpy James Brown remake (win) and the third is a great cover of a famous Beatles track. They're all free for download, as are any more great tracks over on his SoundCloud.

If you enjoy these, be sure to become a fan of his on Facebook.

Miscellaneous Hot Italian Female by DJ Bricksta

James Brown- Get Up Offa That Thing (DJ Bricksta Cheeky Edit) (NO SHOUTOUT) by DJ Bricksta

Streets Of London by DJ Bricksta

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