Monday, May 17, 2010


This song is a bit late, but I saw it bouncing around the inter web and thought I'd look into it a bit more.

Shook is a young bloke out of the Netherlands. So far at Groove City we've had a good track record with kids out of the Netherlands, two from two that don't play Dutch Haus. Good news indeed.

Now he's only been on my rader since he emailed us last week with his remix of New York's 'Penguin Prison', but a quick snoop around the net and it's easy to find out that the kid goes a lot deeper then that. In fact, his website,, carries his own personal blog where he details his exploits including the appearance of mysterious Red Tapes with his face on them popping up all over Europe. It also has a number of videos where you can see him jamming out live on his synths making instructional videos for various companies who commissioned him as somewhat of a spokes person, albeit it under a cloud of mystery surrounding his identity.

The thing that is important in all this is that he is really good at what he does. Not unlike our either favourite dutch friends Keljet he is capable of producing an electro sound that is still quite pop, retro and carrying a lot of girth. You'll notice this in his Penguin Prison remix. I'm guessing through sheer talent alone as well, he's extremely versatile. Other artists he reminds me of are Kavinksy, Cassian, Breakbot and the Justice remix of Klaxons. Oh yes.

Upon request, Shook was glad to share with us one of his originals, Something About You. At first listen I found the song a touch boring compared to the Penguin Prison remix, but after listening to it a few times it's grown on my immensely. It's a slow jam with some token vocoder work but it comes together as a sublime concoction of swoon and synths. This bad boy has got lounge written all over it. It will be featured on The Glow EP which will see it's daylight in June. The EP will contain five original tracks including 1986, Flash and Something about you.

If you want even more versatility check out the video for one of his other originals, 1986.

Shook - 1986 from Deceptertron on Vimeo.

Check out his Facebook for an impressive list of influences and to follow him/make him tour down under.

Something About You - Shook

The Worse It Gets (Shook Remix) - Penguin Prison

He also has a pretty Myspace.


  1. DOPE, Im really Feelin Shook and Penguin Prison. Also a very insightful post as a whole. Much appreciated.

  2. No problem! Can't wait for the Glow EP I think it's going to be amazing!