Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Calm Your Farm

The best thing about running your own blog is you can express your own opinion on issues that have nothing to do with music. So, contrary to popular opinion, I dislike Jessica Watson. Or perhaps I simply dislike her public relations crew. She set out 7 months ago, ran into a ship, we all laughed... then she fucked off around the world to attempt a record she fell 2700 nautical miles short of. Some might call this an epic fail. I know someone who didn't fail though... Jesse Martin ring any bells? Where was his grand welcoming, along with his own special edition of the two biggest newspapers in the country and Prime Minister's welcome?

I think everyone needs to calm down. City Calm Down, if you will (shittest segue ever).

City Calm Down are from Melbourne. They have some band members, all breathe oxygen... nothing special. Their music however is something else. In the dizzying world of remix kings and laptop heroes, it is rare to discover an electro group worthy of note. They are everything you would expect from an Australian Indie-Electro band, and so very much more. Groups like Grafton Primary and Lost Valentinos spring to mind, but what really sets them apart is their raw vocals and highly experimental sound which somehow remains pop-friendly. I actually thought they hadn't had their EP mastered. And this is why I thoroughly enjoy them. They fill the void in the Oz-Electro scene whilst simultaneously revolutionising it and propelling it in a new direction.

I have no hesitation in predicting enormous things for these guys. They will be a big deal.

I've selected three tracks from their upcoming EP, which will be launched at the Toff in Town, Melbourne on July 24. More info on this gig can be found here in the next few weeks. My pick of the litter is Lost. Trapped. Sax solos are so sexy.

Lost. Trapped - City Calm Down

Everyday - City Calm Down

Right from Right - City Calm Down

Ch-ch-check out their SoundCloud where you can download the full EP for free at 320 kbps. You can also throw them some love over at their website.

Peace and Love.

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