Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Frog Legs

Can anybody guess what this is a picture of???


I'll tell you anyway. It's a french house.

Everyone likes French House so here is some good French house music you should be listening to. Don't think. Download.

Primary School - Axel Le Baron
This guy has a record label, and a facebook page. Preview this guys other work on itunes.

Deg - Thony Ritz feat. Cryda Luv'
Old but good. Thony Ritz is next level. Facebook.

Breakin' (Lorenz Rhode Remix) - Strip Streve
If you don't like this song you don't like bass. A german doing French. Not uncommon. Facebook.

Missing You (feat. Ad-Apt) - Louis La Roche
Candidate for song of the year. It's been around for ages but only blogs for a minute. Louis' Facebook.

Malfunction - Louis La Roche
World class from the Englishmen Louis La Roche. When Breakbot dropped this I lost my business.

Enjoy this stuff, and go buy it in better quality from beatport and itunes.

Cannot wait for the release of this from Sydney's own Moonchild.
Human Life - In It Together (Moonchild Remix) by Moonchild


  1. hi!! listen my setgroove please..thanks


    Cebolinha DJ

  2. Nice post!! Love that french house. Check out Matt Hughes hes got some bangers :)

  3. eyyy a Matt Hughes fan! Can't Talk Now is one of my all time favourites