Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Soul Bells

SoundCloud's really helping to enhance exposure of artists worldwide. That's a good thing.

Take a look at Go Go Bizkitt! for example. Bloke has gone from bedroom producer to internationally credible artist in a few short months on the back of his soundcloud (and talent no doubt). Not once have I ever received an email asking for me to host his songs, but I know all about them cuz I can track his marked progress on soundcloud.


Check out his latest remix. It's huge.
Le Knight Club-Soul Bells (Go Go Bizkitt! remix) 320 by Go Go Bizkitt!

It's a real 'get the f*ck up and dance' song.

Here's some other music from Keljet. They just made a bootleg of Faithless' new track, 'North Star'
Faithless - North Star (Keljet Remix) by keljet

Both are free for download. Both are top notch tunes. Think this Go Go Bizkitt! number may even be nominated for song of the month. Word.

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  1. Keljet is putting out some hectically good music. Definitely worthy of more attention than is being received.