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Go Go Bizkitt!

Tom Nelson, a.k.a Go Go Bizkitt! is one of the hardest working people in dance music today. I first got in contact with the producer after we exchanged mixtapes after seeing each other post on the same artist fan page, and at the time I noticed beyond his exceptional music taste he also had some interesting productions in the works. A couple of months passed and soon after I began to embark upon the world of SoundCloud, I noticed that Go Go Bizkitt! had even more pots on the boil with a stellar bunch of remixes all available for free and upon getting in touch with him he told me that he'd just been signed on to release some EPs. Plural.

His style is quite unique, incorporating the ideas of french house with it's filters and loops and combining this with soulful guitar and funk basslines. The result is delightful, fresh and something that is capable of absolutely slaying dance floors.

After recently releasing both his self-titled and Stutterfunk EP, we were lucky enough to have Tom answer a few questions via email for us, so have a read and learn some more about the artist known as Go Go Bizkitt!

Check the tunes while you're reading!

StutterFunk! (StutterFunk! EP out now) by Go Go Bizkitt!

Pheeva! (StutterFunk! EP out now!) by Go Go Bizkitt!

Groove City:Perhaps the first thing that people notice about you is your name.. not only is it unusual but it’s riddled with potential for spelling/grammar mistakes.. what’s the story behind it?

Go Go Bizkitt!:Ha ha yeah it is the first thing that people ask when they see me, the name does actually have a story behind it but only a few know it and unfortunately that's how i'm keeping it. However it has been misspelled a lot ... like Gogo Biskit.

Groove City:You’ve been really busy in 2010, can you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been working on and what you’ve released to date?

Go Go Bizkitt!:2010 has been absolutely crazy for me, i've really been getting good feedback that breeds more confidence to keep going & going!, My recent releases have been "The Stutterfunk EP" for Deepfunk records & "The Bizkitt EP" out on Mikita Skyy. Both are my own take on French house that seems to be hitting the spot at the moment which is strange for me in this time where everywhere is noisy thrashy electro/Fidget/Dubstep... at least in England anyways.
I've also got a ton of other tracks in the pipeline & a collab project will be unveiled by a free remix/re-rub every few weeks cos i like to keep busy ha!

Groove City:You hail from a place that a lot of your down under fan base knows nothing about.. Somerset, England. What kind of place is it and what’s the music scene like? Do you guys get jersey shore over there?

Go Go Bizkitt!:Yeah we get Jersey Shore!, i originally come from a small village near Edinburgh, Scotland & have only been here a few years, it's a really laid back place where the weather is a lot better than home & everyone has a "lord of the rings" accent haha, the music scene is like most of southern England which is mainly Dubstep/Fidget/Thrash Electro..... but i'm trying to help bring something different to the night, just as long as everyone is having fun!

Groove City:Your French House/Filter House/French Touch/Disco Funk style has really regained a lot of popularity over the last few months around the blog world and particularly around Sydney. What has been the biggest influence on your style and how long has it taken you to perfect your sound?

Go Go Bizkitt!:My influences have always been the original lads such as Roule/Crydamoure/Sneak/Jess & Crabbe etc up to todays prime that are Breakbot/The Phantoms Revenge/DCUP/TreasureFingers/Moonchild/Eumig & Chinon to name a few. 2 tracks in particular have always inspired me since the very first time i heard them which were "Hi-Fidelity" by Daft Punk & "G.M.F" by Deelat....i got this sound nailed years ago but i never put my work out until the start of 2010.... better late than never i suppose.

Groove City:For all the tech-heads out there can you give us a grocery list of your studio set up?

Go Go Bizkitt!:I use Pro tools/Live 8/Sylenth/Gladiator 2 & a couple of other cheeky vst's..... plus an overactive imagination helps ha!

Groove City:Living in Europe, what are the opportunities like for touring over there?

Go Go Bizkitt!:Europe is a fantastic place for touring...... i hear, unfortunately with me still being in the military i cannot get time off to tour..... but that will be changing soon!

Groove City:Where is your favourite place to play at the moment and describe to us your dream gig (including supports)..

Go Go Bizkitt!:Back up in Scotland, that is always a great place to play... absolute dizkoidz up there and it's fun fun fun!! Dream gig would be in OZ!, supporting Breakbot alongside moonchild/DCUP/Cassian/Mixchoppin & with Miami Horror and Midnight Juggernauts doing their thing!

Groove City:Name 5 songs you’re really feeling at the moment.

Go Go Bizkitt!:Kavinsky-Nightcall(Breakbot Remix)
TreasureFingers-What am i supposed to do
The Phantoms Revenge-Bastards can do 90
Phoenix-Long distant call(Moonchild Remix)
Le Knight Club-Soul Bells (Go Go Bizkitt Re-Rub)... not a's just i can't stop playing it!

Groove City:Name 3 artists you think the world needs to know more about.

Go Go Bizkitt!:Mixchopin
..........All 3 have a unique take on the funk & everyone needs to recognize the sheer quality of their productions.

Groove City:What more can we expect from Go Go Biskitt! throughout the rest of 2010 and beyond? Any plans to come down under?

Go Go Bizkitt!:Well for the rest of the year i plan to get as much music out as humanly possible, get out and about touring after summer & keep the funk consistent!.... and yeah i WILL be down-under by the end of the year... can't wait!

Groove City:Finally you’ve got to sleep with one, marry one and murder one: Justin Bieber (He’s actually a girl), Miley Cyrus and Snookie (from Jersey Shore)

Go Go Bizkitt!:Jeez!... er... Can i just keep Snookie & let the other two fight to the death?

So as you can see this Scotsman got quite the love affair with Australia and it's music scene so be sure to support the artist and hopefully he'll be out here showing his business live before we know it.

The Stutterfunk EP is available on Beatport.
Why not join the Go Go Bizkitt! facebook page as well to keep up to date with what's happening in his world.

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