Monday, May 10, 2010

86 Reasons

Me loves me some Disco. Incidentally, we recently received some feedback on the 'Nu-Disco' scene. Perhaps it was more of an opinion, but the basic concerns expressed related to an underlying fear of Disco invasion by Electro-heads. This may be expressed with an Australian orientation, but it is applicable on an international scale also. I think it can apply to other musical genres too. Electro was around a long time before Daft Punk did another world tour and Steve 'please kill yourself' Aoki raped the Beetroots and the scene was invaded by fluro faggots. It seems Dubstep is growing in popularity too. And now Disco has popped its head up, as if we'd forgotten it ever existed.

DJ Agent 86 has been around for over 20 years. That is, he's been DJing and producing since 1989. So it is safe to say he knows a thing or two about 'the scene'. He's been around long before this Nu-Disco scene emerged. He has a pretty impressive collection of accolades too, including (amongst others) Inpress Magazine's 'Local DJ/Producer of the Year' in 2009. I honestly cannot find any information on this Melbournian, but his music is the shit.

His latest collection of work dubbed 'All About the Money' drops May 17, and will be available on Beatport. Here is the first promotional single from said collection at 320 kbps. Beautiful. This is definitely a party track, with a large collection of vocal samples giving it a more hip-hop/funk feel over a very groovy disco track.

Pick up the Party - DJ Agent 86

Check out Agent 86 on his website (which is really his Myspace). Props to Light Speed Records for sharing this wicked toon with us.

If I'm honest, this isn't his best work. Refer to his website for past tracks that will get you moving. As a bonus though, I dug up this wonderful edit of a classic track. More club-friendly and upbeat without taking away from the vocals. Everyone loves a good singalong. DJ Agent 86 is pretty freakin' sweet.

Another Brick in the Wall (Agent 86 Remix) - Pink Floyd

Peace and Love.

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