Monday, May 10, 2010

Press Play

Mash ups have become the fast food of the music industry. While they began life as a genuine production style and genre, the ease and availability of production programs these days has meant that for any wannabe, mash ups are a quick and delicious way to make tunes to try and get exposure. Like the fast food industry however, there has been a recent back lash against unhealthy food that has made us into a nation of fat people.

What I've got for you today is the Burger Fuel of the fast food world. It's fresh, delicious and better for you. While it takes a little longer to make, there wouldn't be a fast food fan out there who would complain given the quality produced. You feel me?

Play is a young charismatic, upcoming mashup artist originating from Melbourne, Australia. Better known to family and friends as Petera Tamarua, he is determined to become a household name in the mashup world. He takes inspiration from the likes of Girl Talk, 2 many DJ’s, E-603 and DJ Shadow, and is currently working on a debut album which is due for release soon. Which will symbolise the beginning of Play.

What I have for you today is two tracks that help demonstrate his versatility and the creativity of his work. The first track 'Place it like that' is an extremely well cut together example of how many samples Play can cut together and still make sound dope. The second takes some classic rap with a classic beat and makes you smile.

This is only the beginning. Expect big things out of this lad for years to come.

Place it like that - Play

Hotel California Forever - Play

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