Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Just another blog post. An international one! From Miami, Florida! I've never been to Florida, but popular culture tells me it is not unlike purgatory... you more or less go there when you're waiting to cross over. If natural causes take too long, I guess you could jump in with the alligators.

If I was going to die and I decided to go to Florida, then I would want to go out listening to something like this. I'm usually very impartial to house music. It does nothing for me. But this remix is cruisy, very easy to listen to and doesn't bore the crap out of me... like most house music. The vocals are remain the feature throughout the song, which is the only good thing about the original.

The only real problem I have with this track is the name of the producer. Danny Dance is a lame moniker. His real name is Alex D. Ortiz, which is a way better name.

All That You Give (Danny Dance Remix) - Kaskade

Check Danny's website.

As a bonus, here is a super cool Nu-Disco mini-mix from a local laptop warrior. House music isn't really our thing at Groove City, so I had to even the balance. WoodYEW is also a pretty crap moniker too.

eleven-minute-madness by woodYEW

Peace and Love.


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  2. Cheers, mate!

    Glad you enjoyed the remix and that a little bit of House Music made its way into Groove City's ears!

    As for the moniker, if you ever see me House Dance, you will see why =)!

    And I hear you on Miami--with the kinds of temperature we get, if it wasn't for all the palm trees, we'd think it was purgatory too ;).


    Danny Dance
    Youtube: www.youtube.com/djdannydance

  3. actually I think his nickname is much better than his moniker "AO" , wish he would have stuck with that as a persona in general