Thursday, June 17, 2010

LightsoverLA x Casio Kids

LightsoverLA are crazy talented. They're also scarily diverse. One of the best things about getting on of their tracks is trying to decipher what kind of song it's going to be. Your best guide is usually the artist that they remix. Storm and Hector have a knack from taking the original artists style, drinking it in and spewing it out similar but better. To Two Door Cinema Club they made an indie anthem. To Deadmau5 they made my favourite dubstep track of the year.

Considering the Norwegian group 'Casio Kids' background in vintage synths and bubblegum pop it's not surprising that LightsoverLA have turned this into a deep indie/disco jam with swelling bass, that doesn't sound unlike some of Grum's work. This kind of reminds me of what Sigur Ros would sound like in da club. You'll really like it.

finn bikkjen! (LightsoverLA Remix) - Casio Kids

Stay tuned at LightsoverLA are working on some official remixes as well as a ton of originals which are going to blow your mind. Will someone please tour these guys?

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