Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weather Report 002

Regular segment round 2: SoundCloud music ravage has resulted in new tracks from some of my favourite groups. Word.

Firstly, Go Go Bizkitt returns to the fold once more, this time with one of his best remixes to-date in my opinion. He's taken one of the house anthems of the year and turned it into a fresh-summer jam worthy of any big room. Tensnake's Coma Cat was/is huge, in my opinion it's not his best original, but it's still amazing. Click below to hear the Bizkitt's interpretation. Huge. Check his SoundCloud to see some of his other amazing remixes, most of which are free to download.

Tensnake-Coma Cat! (Go Go Bizkitt Remix) by Go Go Bizkitt!

Another group that I've subtly enjoyed so far in 2010 are LBCK out of California. LBCK stands for Long Beach City Kids, no doubt the name of the gang the roll with. Kinda hope it's a mo-ped gang. That'd be bad ass. They make music which is quite banging but with strong influences of disco and french touch. Big room tunes that you'll enjoy. There's a heap more information on these blokes on their SoundCloud. For now I've got two of their originals to share with you. Preview below and you'll see what they're about.

Disco Thrills by LBCK

Start by LBCK

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