Monday, June 21, 2010

Wine and Cheese

Wes Cadwell is a man with many iron's in the fire. The 24 out of Santa Monica, California is the face behind a number of production styles, all differing, all interesting, and all based around classic house music. His main project which you may be familiar with is Westorius, where he mashes up boogie and funk with hip hop lyrics. Interesting combination but it works a treat. Check it out on Myspace if you'd like to preview a few tracks.

Recently he shared one of his tracks from his latest project, Wine & Cheese, aptly named as he's a classy fellow, which is straight up ol' school disco refunked in a groovy way you can sip cognac too. You can also preview his latest below.

Handle It - Wine & Cheese

The Chase by Wine & Cheese

More tracks on his Myspace.

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