Monday, June 21, 2010

The Rules of Vuvuzela

It seems 2 weeks ago nobody knew what a Vuvuzela was. The incessant drone of b flat that's raped television coverage around the world has received mixed reviews from players, coaches and spectators but regardless of how you feel about it, FIFA has made it clear they're hear to stay.

Producers have jumped at the idea of a universally recognised noise maker, experimenting with samples and iPhone apps and even just track titles in an attempt to try capture the magic that is a plastic horn, and here is an absolutely amazing example of just how good they can be from our favourite Melbournian Swick. Hopefully this guy will be right to come up to Sydney soon (finally). After all the hype I'm guaranteeing a huge amount of people can't wait to see Danny in action.

Rules of Vuvuzela - Swick (Mediafire link)

The Rules of Vuvuzela - Swick by swickswick

Check his SoundCloud and his Facebook for more details.

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