Monday, June 14, 2010

Priors x Knightlife

Knightlife is a name I always get excited about. Knightlife is Mike Gamwell from Melbourne, a prodcuer and DJ who rolls with the Cutters crew.

I think I recall from an old interview that the guy started producing dance music after a uni assignment in which he made a short soundtrack that was really well received by his peers. Since then he's gone on to release two EPs as well as some amazing remixes, most recently of 'The Swiss' with their acclaimed track Bubble Bath. It seems that Mike had also been busy recently on another project to no avail unfortunately, as I have for you today his rejected remix of the Priors track 'What You Need'.

This track missed the cut on the remix release from January this year which was highlighted by artists such as Grum, Hey Champ and Dcup, but it's a slow jam with a slight tribal influence.

What You Need (Knightlife Rejected Mix) - Priors

Props to Waves At Night for posting the exclusive.

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