Saturday, June 12, 2010

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Moon Biscuits
Imma be honest. SoundCloud is amazing. It's what MySpace could've been like if they'd focussed more on the music pages. There's nothing better than a good SoundCloud ravage, and as a consequence I've got some gems for you today that perhaps you haven't yet gotten on.

By now you should've heard of Go Go Bizkitt! if you read this blog. 2010 is quickly becoming the year of the Bizkitt as he smashes out remix after remix as well as some incredible originals with his unique funk swing on french touch. Check hsi latest original which samples De la Soul. Very catchy.
WOW!! (De-La-Go!) by Go Go Bizkitt!

The other track I've got for you is a little old, but has only just been released for download by Sydney artist Moonchild. He is another fresh face on the filter house seem who is quickly forming a catchy signature sound.
Long Distance Call (Moonchild's '25 Hours a Day' Edit) by Moonchild

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