Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh Yeah

Firstly, I almost wet myself when I watched this video.

Secondly, wow that music posted by Murray yesterday was amazing. Really dug the feel of the OHYEAH track. We've been lucky enough to receive great music from a lot of talented American artists this year such as LBCK, This One's For Cody, Beat Connection, the Binary crew as well as Wine & Cheese. Seems there's an amazing movement going on over there similar to the surge Australia enjoyed during it's summer months.

After scouting more info on OHYEAH I came across his other track on SoundCloud, a remix of Wes from Wine & Cheese, and after one listen (and now 5 later) I'm hooked. It's got everything I like in a song. Reminiscent of some of Light Year's recent work, being with a hint of sample, some grinding leads and some dope beats which drive it hard. I really think you ought to know about this one.

NB: as it turns out, he is actually from Germany. Think imma head to Europe.

Wine&Cheese - The Chase (OHYEAH Remix) by ohyeahmusic

Check his myspace.

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