Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We ♥ Binary. The Los Angeles based artist collective and label have hit us with their latest promo and, as per usual, it's stellar. LexiconDon aren't a new partnership, but unless you're from North America or an absolute blog-hawk you may not be entirely familiar with what they've done to-date.

During 2008, Alex Koons and Fabian Ordorica got together to form a synthpop duo after being inspired by all the right elements. Their debut album, 'Pink + Blue' is a tour de force of funk-laden synthpop, built around heartfelt lyrics and memorable hooks. 2009 saw their group take on a different appearance with the addition of Sam Gabbard (guitar) and Matteo Eyia (drums) to create an enigmatic live show which supported the likes of Little Boots, Neon Indian, Class Actress, Toro y Moi, and MADRAD.

December Sunset is the 'oh so Binary' debut single of their upcoming full length album, which will be available in August. It's a lovers anthem built around arpeggiated bass, swooning pan synths and the occasional vocal harmony. It's truly about as organic as electronic music can sound. The sound is not dissimilar to fellow Binary peeps Alpha and Nightwaves, and also draws comparison to Toro Y Moi, probably with a touch more 'fi' however. You'll like it if you still buy music.

As a bonus, the amazingly under the rader U-Tern has provided his remix of the track available for free download (in 320 y'all!). This Canadian producer/DJ/radio host caught my attention a while back when D Cup used the dub version of his Britney Speers remix for an amazing personal mash up. I've always wanted to give him a write-up and perhaps this be the perfect motivation! Stay Tuned!

December Sunset - LexiconDon

December Sunset (U-Tern Remix) - LexiconDon

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