Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We Sold Out

Warning: This post contains two seperate yet related themes. If you are after the music, scroll straight to the bottom. If you like this blog though, read on.

You may have noticed the banner ad above this post. I have always wanted to keep Groove City simple. Ultimately, everything Max and myself do with this blog is about the music - and perhaps our opinions may follow a close second. We were approached by a company who wanted to use our site for ad space. Initially I said no, but then I had an idea.

Australian Youth Against Cancer (AYAC) is a youth charity based in Sydney, Australia. One of my best mates founded AYAC earlier this year and I honestly can't believe how successful it's been so far. I have tried to help out where I can. But the truth is I don't help out much at all really... in fact I do hardly anything now. This is largely because he and I have a leisure-based relationship. Charity work takes up a shitload of his time, so when we hang out we have fun, discuss quantum theory and break shit.

So that I can sleep better at night, all the money I make from ads will go straight to AYAC. I don't know how much that will be, but every time you read this blog for more awesome music you'll be contributing in some small way. So thank you. You can become a friend of AYAC on Facebook.

Now for the music...

OHYEAH is perhaps a slightly over-enthused moniker, but I'll allow it. He sent me the following track privately with a personalised message. 'How nice', I thought, 'he's not some c*nt whoring himself out to every crappy blog in existence'. I like this guy.

I don't know his full name unfortunately, but he is based in New York (I think). Really all you care about is the music - and it is amazing. For me, this track epitomises the music I want Groove City to promote. It's tightly produced, brilliantly constructed and downright funky. Think of it as 21st century disco. Elements of the 70s are there, but they've just been run through an effects unit and the entire package is flawless. I love this track. Even the title is awesome.

Super Nintendo Chalmers - OHYEAH

Check out his MySpace or his SoundCloud for more grooves.

Peace and Love. And thank you.

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