Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feelin' dirty

Down n Dirty DJs is a name that I had heard around Sydney. Sadly, this wasn't on account of reputation for their abilities, but rather the reputation of one of the venues they frequented as amongst the biggest Facebook spammers of all time. While in the past, the association with this particular venue has in some circles spoken more about your ability to market yourself than your prowess as a DJ, the fact of the matter is that gradually a few names have begun to rise out of the relentless pursuit for crowd superiority thankfully due to their abilities as producers.

Down n Dirty DJs in this case have joined the likes of Moonchild in growing out of the cave and into the big bad world of house music, where their sample driven originals and edits have quietly begun gaining notoriety amongst a sleuth of dedicated SoundCloud devotees.

Thadz and Jimmy have been DJing together, across borders for around 5 years. During this time they've held residencies across various notorious night spots in both Sydney as well as the Gold Coast, as well as various other international destinations they've no doubt met along their travels. Despite currently living in different states, the pair maintain their partnership, which has involved producing for the last 3 years.

Check out some of their tunes below. The first is a house/electro original, the second a tasty re-incarnation of a disco classic, and the final one is very Fred Falke. Definitely worth knowing about. For more info peep their SoundCloud.

Down N Dirty Djs - Everytime My Record Drops by Down N Dirty Djs

Earth Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland (Down N Dirty Djs Re-chunk) by Down N Dirty Djs

Down N Dirty Djs - Forbidden Lover (Final Version) by Down N Dirty Djs

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