Sunday, April 4, 2010

Coast with the most

Here is some more music that is not exclusive!

Last week I asked and received some bootlegs from a producer I've got a lot of respect for; the Central Coast's own Benson. I first saw this blokes name bouncing around the blogiverse a while back, where his bootlegs of Nelly, 5ive and other amazing party starting anthems first grabbed my attention. Deckhead used to prop the hell out of this lad and it's no wonder why. Boy knows how to make music.

These days, along with continuing his bootlegin' ways, he's making music with another coastie, Northie. Again, Northie is a name that most people have heard of, reason being that as a youngster he was a 3 time finalist in FBi's underage sets competition (oh shit Boonie won!). Even though I've never seen him DJ live, I'm all over his bootlegs and remixes as well.

Now, together we've really got one of those Captain Planet situations, where with their powers combined you really get something capable of world/recycling domination. Norhie and Benson now doubt have talent, and together they've formed Brain Matters. I'm not the first person in the world either to say that Brain Matters are the future of Australian music. As the biggest and loudest thing from the coast since Belinda Neal, these guys are, and will be for a while, huge.

Lads have recently been signed to Trouble Artists a local label responsible for representing some of the brightest talent in the Sydney scene. Hopefully this means the lads will be spending more time away from their hinterland and helping to wreck nightclubs in our fair city.

I don't have any Brain Matters collective material for you, but what I do have is some excellent Will Smith re-works from both lads which shows what boss men they really are.

Men In Black (Benson Bootleg) - Will Smith

Looking Fresh (Fresh Prince Bootleg) - Northie

Please check out their MySpace's to hear a bunch more amazing songs.

Brain Matters MySpace
Benson MySpace
Northie MySpace

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