Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Enough Said

I sat on this track for a solid week wondering whether to post this or not. I don't care much for mash ups, and I don't like "artists" who just layer tracks, throw their name on it and subsequently reap the rewards. I mean, someone like the Hood Internet isn't an really an artist. He is a producer... and he has a pretty good ear. But nothing he plays is really his original work.

Mash ups do fill up the D-Floor pretty well though and I can respect a good one when I hear it. I thought this was OK.

Sweet World Of Mine (Voidstar Mashup) - Daft Punk vs Banda Do Sul

Like what you hear? There are plenty more mash ups here. You can find out about Voidstar there (he's from New York).

Now... please don't send us any more mash ups. I have an idea of what music I want Groove City to promote, and if I'm honest, this isn't it. What is left of my musical integrity cannot take much more abuse.

Peace and Love.


  1. i guess you're always going to have those who object just to object.

    Would you not call Girl Talk an artist?

    Who is the artist: the painter or the paint manufacturer & canvas maker? You had the same kinds of people back then who would be snoody about artists who didn't make their own paint/canvases, saying they weren't really artists because they didn't create their own paint/medium. Would you call Rachmaninoff a producer or an artist? Is transposition artistry?

    Why don't guitarists create their own guitars?

    Not all forms of art are original or are different from an existing piece of art - take a cover for example: perhaps the musician playing it didn't write the tune, but he's an artist playing the instrument.

    When it comes down to it, well-done mashes DO create new works, new emotions, new feelings, new stories, new pathways of experience in the listener. this is what makes art, not the objectification of creativity or its original ownership. These are tools for monetization & credit, only.


  2. Brilliantly expressed argument, I think that it's one that is hard to truly settle. I think I speak for Murray and myself in agreeing that a good mash-up can create new feelings and emotions and does have it's place. I think the main point of the vent is to try and deter others from sending other mash ups through as for everyone one we receive which is bearable, there are 50 that are not.

    Being perhaps the simplest form of music production, everybody aims to try and express themselves by creating mash ups, which is fantastic for music in terms of the interest created and people doing stuff but most of them are really bad.

    Thanks for writing!

  3. sometimes i like to play devil's advocate, and it seems to have worked well this time. :) thanks for your response.

    i'm a classically-trained musician myself, so i know where those who can't appreciate mashes and remixes come from, and i have to deal with this argument on a regular basis.

    I do, however, HATE hearing bad mashup after bad mashup after bad mashup. And my interest and ability to appreciate works for their creativity go through their fare share of ups and downs, too.