Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clock Opera

Maybe a little bit late to the party on this, but just found a new group that I quite enjoy. From what I can source they're a four piece from London who describe they're style as 'Chop Pop'. Their remix of Marina and the Diamonds has created some great hype around them, but it was the work on the Phenomenal Hand Clap Band's single Baby which first caught my attention. The seem to fuse elements of funk, pop as well as guitars and strings together in quite a coherent manor. It's a touch of folk and in all it's pretty darn good.

You can hear a few of their originals on their MySpace. Definately worth checking out if you're in the mood for a wheat beer.

I am not a robot (Clock Opera Remix) - Marina and the Diamonds

Baby (Clock Opera Remix) - Phenomenal Hand Clap Band

Hide Me (Clock Opera Remix) - The Golden Filter

Follow them on Facebook.

Have a great weekend!

Adult Disco


Do you like bands such as Holy Ghost, Aeroplane, Classixx, Todd Terje, and Crookers?

If you answered yes to all that then I'd say you're lying. Diversity like that is almost impossible. Crookers are quite shit. Only rookies like there new stuff. Apart from that delicious solo remix of 'Put You Hands On Me' <- youtoob

But seriously, if you like those other groups, apart from the fact that you probably have an amazing sex life, you've probably heard a little about Future Classic. Basically, Future Classic is an Australian record label and touring agency which has been responsible for bringing out some of the most progressive and delightful talent to grace our shores in recent memory. Apart from those 4 groups listed above all making delightful tunes, they've also all toured under the future classic banner.

From May 1st, Future Classics will be taking over the Civic Underground for it's new weekly party, 'Adult Disco'. For the first edition, Future Classics resident DJ's including FBi's James 'Big Time Timmy Jim' Mcinnies will be on the wheels of steel spinning some treats for us all, how ever in the months to come they've a host of internationals planned to tour which is exciting given there track record. Trust me this is something you want to be a part of.

To get y'all in the mood, Big Time Timmy Jim McInnies kindly dropped over their latest promo for the party which is excellent. It's a hefty hour and twenty minutes long, but believe me it's well worth your time. To quote one of the people who commented the mixtape, "This is real disco for adult people". I hope you can handle it.

Adult Disco Mix #1 - Future Classic DJs - Coming May 1 to the Civic by future classic

For more info on Adult Disco and Future Classic visit their website.

A track from someone we would all like to see tour.
Need Your Lovin' - Tensnake

See y'all there.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let's get next level!

I was liaising with a duo from Seattle called Beat Connection when they sent over a tracklist of a mix they'd put together. I'd already agreed to post them, but then I saw said tracklist and felt a warming sensation run down my spine. You'll see what I'm talking about momentarily.

The following track is from Beat Connection's upcoming EP release dubbed 'Beaches and Sky'. It's scheduled to be released in the next few months, and I must say it's nothing short of spectacular. Falling very much in line with the Washed Out/Neon Indian sound that is all the rage at the moment, 'Same Damn Time' features simple rhythmic backing with smooth keyboard samples. The off-beat synths that are almost filtered through the middle of the song bode well with the eerily emotive vocals. Overall, a very cool track. To quote my fellow blogger, it sucks that I've only heard about this track now while the Southern Hemisphere decends into Winter. This is as Summery as they come.

Same Damn Time - Beat Connection

Now I did mention a mix? Better believe I did.

Special Disco Version by Beatconnection

I can't describe how awesome-ly awesome this mix is. The song selection is ridiculous and I think I have found my new favourite DJ duo. We love Beat Connection. I'll put the tracklist in the comments below this post.

You can stay updated on all their progress on their Myspace or their Facebook.

Peace and Love.

More More More!

After limited experience in the blogging world, I've come to realise that there are two things that can propel your post the top 10 on the Hype Machine charts. Either a mash-up of some ridiculous tracks, or a remix by LightsoverLA. If you wanted a top 2 spot, you're better off the latter. Their Crystal Castles remix went to number 2; their Miike Snow remix went to number 2 (I think); and their Two Door Cinema Club went to number 1. Boom!

Here's another one for you. This time they've done a sneaky number on British duo 'Hurts'. You can check out the original and other work by them right here. This remix is more vocal heavy, and to truly appreciate the sound you really need decent headphones or a good sound system. Listening to this from your laptop may make it sound distorted or detract from what is again a solid production effort. This is because it's slightly more intense than past remixes. There is a lot going on, and it seems to bounce around a bit but the entire track makes you feel like your soaring over Los Angeles.

Better Than Love (LightsoverLA Remix) - Hurts

And apologies for not having a streaming link here, this track is so fresh it hasn't hit their SoundCloud yet.

I'll eat my own words if this flops on the charts. Check out LightsoverLA's website for more awesome-ness.

Peace and Love.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Believe the hype

Just got a couple of videos to share with you from some artists that we really dig.

Off the bat, I'm not going to deny that I've always had an awkward love hate relationship with sayCet. I love them simply because they're next level and make the sort of sounds that most bands can't. It's hard to describe, but words like 'synergy' come to mind when listening to their sound. Don't ask me why. They're kind of like Sigur Ros without the jibberish.

I also hate them because they don't make music that can be 'Deejayed' so to speak. How selfish is that.

So I guess I don't really hate them at all then. Except on the basis that I completely missed them releasing their album in March. So here's a video for one of their tracks named 'easy'.

Easy - SayCet

sayCet - Easy from sayCet on Vimeo.

I highly recommend if you enjoy that song that you check out the entire album available on iTunes. You can also hear more on their MySpace.

The second video I've got for you is from a group out of Melbourne who've recently started making the trip north of the border to start performing. They roll by the name of Cadillac, and from what I can gather they do things the right way. Everyone knows how much Australia is going off right now; I think as recently as two weeks ago we had 5 of the top 10 indie/nu disco tunes on the beatport charts (don't quote me but it was close to that), and from all accounts, these dudes might be the next big thing.

This video is for their track 'Want You Back', which is proper disco-sampled goodness. Hi-hats are always winners with me, and this tune delivers the goods, plus the old surfing footage is in-line with the rest of their catalogue as well, in which the adjectives 'summer', 'sunshine', 'wayfarers' can all be used in proper context.

Having recently signed on with Sydney agency Falcona, there's a great chance that they'll be spending more time in our town dropping dimes for all the enjoy. In fact, you can catch them on May 8th at Q Bar performing alongside the Aston Shuffle as part of the Destroy Tour. For more details click here. For more info on them, check out their MySpace.

Manhattan - Cadillac 160kbps


When I hear music...

photo: hobogestapo

Wow what a long weekend. I don't think I'm the only one who still feels a bit ordinary. Wasn't sure how to go about posting up some new music for you but figure one big shot to the face has never done anyone bad. You know what I'm talkin' bout.

Firstly we have a new remix of Passion Pit by Keljet, a group out of the Netherlands. Recently we chucked up their remix of Temper Track which was pretty solid and so is this effort as well. Again, my lack of pop culture savvy means that I've never heard the original, but I hear from a reliable source that 'Folds in your hands' is pretty dope. This remix reminds me a little of Grum and Treasure Fingers in terms of a song that has playful synths and an obvious modern disco influence, but still has a bit of girth behind it which carries it well in da club. Listen and download it here from their soundcloud.

Passion Pit - Folds In Your Hands (Keljet Remix) by keljet

Next I've got a nice little remix of Swick's classic original 'Grow Up' by a guy named Blake and his mate Big Boss. I don't know anything about the pair other than that they are also from Melbourne but they've made a pretty simple, yet effective remix of this horn tootin' 'riginal. The baltimore kick is a touch predictable, however it works well in this instance, and while the intro seems a bit laboured, the loops and shuffles of the chorus strips back a little of the repetition of the original and creates some good rhythms.

Swick - Grow Up (Blake! and Big Boss Remix) by Blake!

So in all, two decent tracks that I felt like sharing. I hope you like them.


Enough Said

I sat on this track for a solid week wondering whether to post this or not. I don't care much for mash ups, and I don't like "artists" who just layer tracks, throw their name on it and subsequently reap the rewards. I mean, someone like the Hood Internet isn't an really an artist. He is a producer... and he has a pretty good ear. But nothing he plays is really his original work.

Mash ups do fill up the D-Floor pretty well though and I can respect a good one when I hear it. I thought this was OK.

Sweet World Of Mine (Voidstar Mashup) - Daft Punk vs Banda Do Sul

Like what you hear? There are plenty more mash ups here. You can find out about Voidstar there (he's from New York).

Now... please don't send us any more mash ups. I have an idea of what music I want Groove City to promote, and if I'm honest, this isn't it. What is left of my musical integrity cannot take much more abuse.

Peace and Love.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Main Thang

There are a lot of genre's of music that I don't like. In particular I'm not really a fan of dutch house. I find it repetitive and unimaginative.

People argue that it has it's place, which it does, but why all of a sudden last summer did every bloke and his sidekick decide that to play big room bangor tunes, it had to be dutch? Gross. Afrojack is terrible.

For years, before all these myths starting popping up onto the worlds radar with their clogged monstrosities, artists such as Herve dominated with their heavily congo influenced songs which were electro laden but at the same time had enough structure and talent behind them to still be called songs. While his style does reflect popular trends worldwide, it's probably more appropriate to suggest that Herve has set trends worldwide. Afrojack is terrible.

So anyway... On the 12th of April, Herve released his latest compilation CD called Ghetto Bass 2, and amongst a grocery list of talented UK and international artists such as Jack Beats, Fake Blood and Voodoo Chilli was a new group out of Sydney known as Mane Thing. Mane Thing was the marriage (musically speaking) of Steve Lind from The Hump Day Project and Jax from Deckhead, who according to rumour hooked up (musically speaking) one night to put this track together without much thought on it's potential beyond perhaps their own CD wallets. As fate should have it however, 9 months after hooking up (musically speaking)(may have actually only been 6 months) a beautiful baby was born in terms of the Mane Thing's bootleg of His Majesty Andre being included on Herve's new compilation.

Love a good love story.

Peep Thong (Mane Thing Bootleg) - His Majesty Andre 192
Buy it in 320 at BeatPort

This is how you make a big room track without going dutch.

We No Speak Americano (Spenda C Edit) - Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP

Steve was also nice enough to drop over his latest edit of THE party jam du jour, We No Speak Americano.

You're welcome.

Food Stamps

For a while now the smooth musical stylings of Coupons have kept me awake at night. In a city packed to the brim with quality producers, they've avoided taking the popular path in terms of their style and instead have done what's come natural to them which in a word can be described as hybrid. It's a little bit erectro, a touch techno, a dash of pan synths and a healthy portion of chill wave in a style they've effectively trade marked as Dream Rave.

In their relatively short history, Coupons have made a bunch of quality remixes and some delightful originals, with their biggest accolade so far coming with their victory in Royksopp remix competition last year. By winning the Oceanic leg of this international competition they cemented their future as "ones to watch" within Sydney town.

At the moment, they're in the final stages of recording their EP, which they describe as DreamRave - a post summer chill disco Epic. The EP will be 5 tracks and accompanied by an intense remix package from some very exciting names they assure me.

From the mouth of a very well known artist who they supported "If i had a record label, I'd sign them" Anoraak, 2010.

Best - Coupons
(For a higher quality version, buy it here)

Vocal Chords (Coupons Remix) - Claude Von Stroke

Love Theme (Coupons Remix) - Run Seven

Fences (Coupons Unfinished Beach House Remix) - Phoenix

For even more tunes, check out their MySpace.

Swick x DCUP

Excited tonight to post for you a brand new remix from a GrooveCity favourite Swick. If you read the blog then you're aware of our love for the boy wonder from south of the border. Despite being disadvantaged by his lack of legal experience, Danny has been able to carve out a niche in and around the nightlife of melbourne as a leader amongst the trop house and disco tech movement. As recently as last month we featured his cheeky bootleg of Pon de Floor which was Major Lazer versus New Order, and tonight I'm stoked to be able to share with you his new remix of Sydney disco celebrity DCUP.

It's a kind of dubbed upgrade on the original in my opinion. While Swick has chopped out the swooning lyrics from the original Masters at Work sample, this remix has tasty hi hats which really carry the song along nicely, making it the most danceable version of the song I've heard so far.

Get on this.

To be in love (Swick Remix) - DCUP

Props for Stoney Roads for the toon.



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

North of the Border

LightsoverLA need no introduction. If you're familiar with this blog you'll know we would willingly have their children if biology permitted us. They have another remix for the Blogosphere as a teaser for bigger things to come, this time they've gone to town on Crystal Castles' 'Vietnam'. Stormy tells me they have more official remixes and some originals on the horizon also, which is pretty freaking exciting.

For now I'll focus on this track. For my mind, it isn't as tight as their former work. Their Two Door Cinema Club and Miike Snow remixes we featured a while back could make a grown man cry with sheer joy as he is taken on a ride through Utopia. This remix though is different, and I think it's down to the Crystal Castles sound. It doesn't bode too well with LightsoverLA's style. Canada has been pumping out shitty electro since MSTRKRFT went down the toilet, and the new Crystal Castles EP 'Celestica' is no exception. It's a forerunner for their upcoming album release in June, which will be self-titled... again...

But I digress. LightsoverLA are still better than you ever will be. And they've made me enjoy some form of Canadian electro so they're definitely doing something right. They managed to whip this track up in a few hours, and then casually decided to release it. That's just how they roll.

Vietnam (LightsoverLA Remix) - Crystal Castles

Peace and Love.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mining for Gold

After some recent departure from the foundations of Groove City, I thought I'd bring it all back. I stumbled across a few diamonds in the rough on Hype Machine yesterday. I don't like posting songs from other blogs, but in the long run I believe this will benefit both myself and you. And besides, these songs are dope man!

I found this sneaky track on Artificial Light. Punches is a collection of three twins (apparently) from New York who roll around with the ever-talented Xinobi amongst other New York groovers. This remix is funky and upbeat. Very reminiscent of Swick's work (for those of your familiar with the little guy) but I have a feeling Swick would have used the vocals to better effect. Check it out.

Only You can Make You Happy (Punches Remix) - Au Revoir Simone

This next track comes courtesy of The Music Ninja. This is only the second or third RAC track I've heard. They did an amazing remix of Bloc Party's 'Hunting for Witches' but the BPM was up around 144, so it wasn't very useful. This remix is freaking killer though. Temper Trap are the bees knees at the moment. RAC have just given them a more club-friendly bass line with awesome synths and an all-round funkiness.

Sweet Disposition (RAC Remix) - Temper Trap

Peace and Love.

The Count and Sampson?

Perhaps slightly removed from the more traditional beats we pump out here at Groove City is Count Effectz. Dare I say more mainstream? More commercial? More universal? Maybe. And yes, that wasn't a typing error. He uses a 'z' in his name. Think what you will. I should warn in advance that this post has more of a house feel. Apologies to the purists.

Count Effectz is a Sydney-sider by the name of Michael Williams (being a local boy definitely made me more inclined to post him. Support local artists). When I first perused his collection I did let out a sigh. I saw names like 'Sidney Sampson' and 'Dave Guetta' (who is still just awful at life in general and continues to breath much needed oxygen). But I also saw Oxide & Neutrino and almost lost my shit when I saw 'Shoot to Kill'. So I gave him a shot, and I am glad I did.

What the Count has done is create very effective edits incorporating multiple samples into small tracks. They have a Hood Internet feel, but without being straight out mash-ups. As stand-alone tracks they probably don't have the complete package, but if you wanted to make a crowd-pleasing or commercial house mix, then this is definitely your guy.

I can't call his work original. It's anything but really. I'm fairly sure at some point in every track he's whipped up, you'll find that very Diplo-esque Baltimore bounce beat. You'll know what I'm talking about when you listen to this... (I do wish he'd kept some vocals)

Shoot to Kill (Count Effectz Remix) - Oxide & Neutrino

And for some crowd-pleasing, house-based, make-underage-girls-lose-their-shit beats, check this concoction...

Break Da Riverside Down (Tristan vs Afrojack feat. Count Effectz Bootleg) - Laidback Luke vs Daft Punk vs Sidney Sampson

How's that for a mouthful of a title?

Overall, I cannot detract from what is a solid first attempt at production. Check out his SoundCloud for more remixes, edits and originals if you like what you hear. He has a shitload of tracks up there for free download. He also has a Myspace and a website.

Peace and Love.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's actually a Duplex

Following on from the Bon Chat, Bon Rat post last week I was fortunate enough to have my inbox graced with another Australian emergent group operating under 'The Townhouses'. I was sent heaps of info about their recording set up and discography, but I think I'm more curious to know where the name came from...

Leigh Hannah, Tania Timotic and Alex O'Gorman make up the collection of residential dwellings. From what I can gather, I believe Hannah is the brainchild of the operation... given everything is recorded in his crappy shed with his crappy equipment. What is awesome though is that the sound isn't actually crappy. It's like Sarah Jessica Parker and Wayne Rooney gave birth to Miranda Kerr (boom in your face with pop culture references). The Townhouses really have produced something quite remarkable. And when I say quite... I really mean super.

I may have got ahead of myself though lumping The Townhouses in with Bon Chat... because the sounds are same same but different. No vocals here, only a myriad of instruments and samples run through all kinds of filtering processes that have combined to produce a beautifully soaring, dream-wave bliss. Groups like Quantic, Four Tet or Bonobo come to mind, but I'd say their sound is closer to Seekae... without being overly electronic. But then again, people always try to do this with new groups. What I will say though is The Townhouses are definitely worth the space on your hard drive. Even if you don't like the genre, put in on when you go to sleep. Or wake up. Or want to relax. Or just want to listen to damn fine music because that is all this really is - tight production resulting in an enticing yet experimental sound.

They've released four EPs in the last year, but their independent debut album is set to drop May 7th. I was told they filtered through some 60 plus tracks to compile the album, but I think they should've smashed them all onto a 3-disc set. Then you'd have three times as much awesome-ness. Show them some love by checking their Myspace.

Jigsaws Under the Clouds - The Townhouses

You can also download their single Asleep here if you're in the mood for some more dream time.

Peace and Love.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Kids are RadioActive

This kind of thing isn't normally our bag but after giving it the once over, The Kids Are Radioactive's remix of Lady Gaga does bring back some nostalgia. It's a classic case of making a pop track "club friendly". In recent years, no one has done this better or more consistently than DJ Barletta and LAZRTAG, but perhaps this remix is a sign of things to come.

I've not heard the original Bad Romance by GaGa (unless by accident), but this remix has great rhythm and enough electro to cause a seizure if listened to at dangerous decibels. It's bangin' in every sense of the word. Does Lady GaGa have a wang?

For his trouble, TKAR is a mere 18 years old, and runs with the Binary crew from LA of which we are big fans. With a solid body of remix and original work already behind him, the stage is laid out for interesting things for his future. May will see the release of his latest original, entitled "This Machine Kills Fascists", a song which pays homage to the 60s and the revolution which was led by the likes of Woodie Guthrie, who is the real inspiration behind the title.

As a bonus I've tacked on an old LAZRTAG remix just because it is epic in every sense of the word. I'm pretty sure GaGa has a wang.

Bad Romance (The Kids Are Radioactive Remix) - Lady GaGa

Shut Up and Let Me Go (LAZRTAG Remix) - Ting Tings

Consider the pork, well and truly, on your fork.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Don't enjoying posting music from other blogs unless it's awesome.

So over the Easter weekend we were lucky enough to have our shores graced by Burns, a Brit whose music I've enjoyed for a while. I didn't make it along to the show (which apparently was weird given it was on Easter Friday and the venue didn't open til midnight and had to shut at 3am), but apparently it was very good.

Burns has always made interesting music. Always heavy but with great control. This picture below explains it quite well...

Burns released his latest EP just over two weeks ago. It's really quite good. He's big on sampling, loops and things which make some of his music appealing to those who enjoy filter house stuff, but he also manages to introduce some heavier electra over the top which is always interesting and quite unique. To listen to his stuff on iTunes click here.

The track which I can post for you today (from TooManySebs) is Fourteen. It sounds like The Knife if they were to play a set catering to Club 77. You'll enjoy it. Below I've posted an older burns track which is more in line with his sampled/looped/filtered side. It's loud guitar wailing goodness.

Fourteen - Burns

Heartbeats - Burns

Check out the video for Fourteen.

Chase Los Feeling

I was going to sit on this until the morning, but good music can't wait..

After my post this morning on the Alfa remix of the new NightWaves track Sweet Carrie, I was excited to get an email from the artist himself with a a brand new track... this time from his brother. As it turns out, Los Angeles raised Alfa's little brother has just started out in the production game and surprise surprise, he's not shit.

There wasn't too much information I could find out about The Chase beyond his brethren, however his first remix effort of London based Visitor has him pegged as a GrooveCity one to watch in the near future. The word dreamy gets thrown a lot these days, but The Chase, has done a stella job of stripping the electro vibe off of this hit from '09 and re-creating it in a manner which will no doubt constitute it as an anthem of the up-coming North American summer. If there's one negative to come from this song, it's that in Australia it's getting cold, and I think that that I'd enjoy this song better with some pineapple juice, rather than from my snuggie.

Los Feeling (The Chase Remix) - Visitor

Add him on MySpace. Let him know you care.

Bigger than Hip Hop

Y'all know how we feel about hip hop here at GrooveCity. I don't think we can even come close to calling ourselves experts, but to quote a previous post..
"knowing about hip hop makes you cooler than anyone in the room."

Today I was lucky to stumble upon a dope hip hop mixtape from a Geodude called La Fresh. It's nearly 50 minutes of the sickest beats all time. If you're call yourself a fan of hip hop then you need to listen to this mix. Word is it's perfect for kick ons at Cleveland Street?

La Fresh's Backyard Alley Cleveland Manor Mix by josephgadget

The mixtape was sent out as part out of a promo for a party this Friday being held at the Viper Room, 2nd floor of the Burdekin on Oxford Street. La Fresh reps as part of the Generic Collective, a group of some of the most legit kids on the Sydney circuit at the moment. The guys like to, and throw some great parties, last week packing out Phoenix bar for a free night of rave. This weeks party, called WAY-2-FONKY is free as well if you can get yourself onto the guestlist, which you can do by clicking this link..

You can also become a fan of Generic Collective here, and visit there own website

1. Sister Nancy – Bam Bam
2. Dead Prez – Hip-Hop
3. MURS – Bad Man!
4. Common – Testify
5. The Fugees – Ready Or Not
6. P. Diddy Featuring The Notorious B.I.G., The Lox, Lil’ Kim – All About The Benjamins
7. Ice Cube – Hello (Feat Dr. Dre and MC Ren)
8. 2Pac – Toss It Up
9. Marlena Shaw – California Slow
10. Candyman – Candyman 2k
11. Snoop Dpgg feat. Master P & The Eastsidaz – Law Low
12. Dr. Dre – Nothing But A G Thing
13. Warren G feat Mack 101 – I Want It All
14. Notorious B.I.G – Party and Bullshit (Ratatat Remix)
15. Big Pun & Fat Joe – Twinz (Deep Cover)
16. Noreaga – Mathematics (Esta Loca)
17. Dru Down – Pimp of The Year
18. Eazy E – Gimmie That Nutt
19. Slick Rick – Children’s Story
20. DJ Quik – Pitch in on a Party
21. DJ EZ ROCK & Rob Base – It Takes Two
22. Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock
23. Randy Crawford & The Crusaders – Street Life


Monday, April 12, 2010

Home Brand Alternatives

There's nothing quite like home-made everything. Your mum's cooking is always better than anything you could whip up once you move out of home. Roast dinners become baked beans served on an old WeetBix packet. Oh how you crave that secret combination of spices that light up your pallet like New Years Eve.

I was hoping to casually segue into local music from food... but whatever. The point is, Bon Chat, Bon Rat are better than... well... everyone. The 'Bon Chat, Bon Rat' name has been floating around for some time now. I see it occasionally in online discussions, or hear whispers out on the town. But finally, after sifting through my inbox and noticing an email from a familiar and respected music-lover (who also happens to be their manager), I was informed that their debut EP has landed.

The Ratters are a three-piece orchestra of bliss made up of Reece Cooper, Russel Smith and Alex Murray. All from Sydney, all talented and I know one of them personally so I instantly feel cooler by association.

Please check out their EP, available for free HERE. Yes all six tracks and some press kits are available for you the people. Thank them by checking out their myspace for upcoming gigs and releases. Hell, I'll even throw in their SoundCloud. Everyone knows SoundCloud is the new Myspace.

However, if you have limited bandwidth, do check out the following tracks that are for my mind the creme de la creme. It's hard to describe their electronic sound, but it's quite similar to the Neon Indian/Washed Out sound that is emerging. Soaring vocals and beautifully constructed melodic hooks that chop and change, but it really does work brilliantly.

Keep an eye on them, they're very much at the forefront of the 'new' sound and have big things coming their way.

Map of Sao Paulo - Bon Chat, Bon Rat

Tribes - Bon Chat, Bon Rat

Peace and Love.

Band Wagon

Nothing like waking up on a Tuesday, finally feeling above a 5 out of 10 after a weekend bend, and finding music from one of the "it" groups bouncing around the blogiverse in your inbox.

For anybody who hasn't heard the delightful Sweet Carrie yet from American group NightWaves, then today, rest easy assured that you're now almost as cool as everybody who was on this group weeks ago.

NightWaves is the baby of two blokes called Kyle and Josh from LA. As a four-piece live band they've just finished shows at both SXSW and WMC, and beyond the stage they are a part of Binary, the LA collective of producers and artists which is currently making waves as the American center for the modern Dream Wave movement.

NightWaves themselves are responsible for some seriously melodic synthpop. Their sound is kind of like a pop band gone new wave, but they got stuck along the way. While there's some serious organic synths and summer innocence in there songs, all of them are edgy enough to give them much more girth than other artists they align them selves with.

So yeah.. despite being hard to describe, they're easy to listen to. Let's leave it at that.

Here's the video for their "hot" single at the moment, Sweet Carrie, and if you like the tune, it's available on iTunes!

NightWaves - Sweet Carrie from Binary Entertainment on Vimeo.

What I can blog however, is a truly amazing remix of the song by fellow binary artist Alfa. There has been several remixes of Sweet Carrie by a veritable who's who of the lo-fi world, and while all are accomplished, this is the only one that really upgrades the original. According to the Binary website, Alfa bridges the gap between Electro and Dream Wave, which basically means kid can bang, but stay musical while he does so. Wish he could teach the Beetroots that game. They suck.

Sweet Carrie (Alfa Remix) - NightWaves

Here is the original Sweet Carrie on SoundCloud for those who are keen.
NightWaves - Sweet Carrie by weareNightWaves

For anybody who is interested in doing a remix of this song, they were also nice enough to send out the stems of this song, so email me at for a details.


Yep xo

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I sometimes wonder where groups or bands get their names from. Then, often, I stop caring. I briefly considered where Emperatron comes from, but then I just kept on living my life. It's not the name that's important, just what emits from your computer as you click 'Emperatron' on your iTunes.

Emperatron are a self-proclaimed 'DJ collective' from Finland. Sebastian Holm, Wilhelm Enckell, Emile Weston and Mitja Nylund make up the four-piece production team. They've done a lot of shows in their home town of Helsinki (hardly a town really) but what intrigues me is how four guys can do one DJ set. I imagine one on effects, two mixing and one rapping over the top. Who cares really.

If I'm honest, the real reason I decided to post them is because of 'Annoyed'. I like this original track mainly due to the Pulp Fiction sample. The Moby remix is the better track though. It's more of a chilled-wave electro sound with ambient reverbs and nice fluffy percussion backings. The drops aren't drops but it works brilliantly and the overall production is excellent. Get into it!

Annoyed (Say What) - Emperatron

Go (Emperatron Remix) - Moby

Peace and Love.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ze Germans are Coming...

The other day I was madly scouring blogs looking for cruisy background music that I could bob my head along to. Gin Nation was the centre piece to this collection of music that makes up the soundtrack for a low-budget 80's porno. Then I remembered an artist who'd I'd been told was "the shit".

Session Victim is Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling, two Germanians from Berlin. The following tracks aren't new, and with any luck you may have heard them before. But if you haven't my god are you in for a treat. The pick of their work for me is 'The Keyboarder'. It is a phenomenally well-constructed ride on the Relaxation Express, with chilled off beats and beautifully layered synth chords. It may not have people up and dancing, but this is what you want to listen to over a few quiet beers in a corner lounge of a nice bar. Icy golden liquid in one hand, your phone in the other and repetitive bodily movements in sync with the bass line as you groove in your own little world.

'Contribute' is also pretty good...

I have to throw credit to Paps for putting me onto these guys (I won't act like I found them). Good stuff.

The Keyboarder - Session Victim

Contribute - Session Victim

Peace and Love.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

From a place better than this

Photo: Hobogestapo

A few weeks ago, the response to the Universe remix of Miami Horror that we posted was overwhelming!

Who is Universe? Where do they come from? Can it play at my bat mitzvah?

No one can safely give you the answers to these questions, but to help satisfy your cravings, here are two more fantastic remixes from the man of the minute.

Firstly we have a remix of the very excellent DCUP track, 'To be in love', which has been a personal favourite and mainstay of my sets for months now. Secondly we have a dreamly slow jam interpretation of Sebastien Tellier's killer 'Kilometer'. These tracks are instant classics, and constructed with poise and bounce. Anybody who enjoys the nu-disco genre will get a grin out of these. I personally cannot wait to drop these and see how the dance-floor reacts.

To be in love (Universe Remix) - DCUP

Kilometer (Universe Remix) - Sebastien Tellier

Don't forgot to jump onto Facebook and become a fan to show your support for whoever this is!


Not long ago I brought you the smooth electronic stylings of young RocoBop on GrooveCity, and today I'm pleased to share with you the latest offering from this Sydney kid.

If you'll recall, his previous release, Eff Sharp was an ode to Tom Morrello from Rage Against the Machine teaching kids how to rock hard. In the same vain, RocoBop's newest song Plasma is an Electro anthem. The sound is reminiscent of Danger and Kavinsky with it's throwback electronic grunt and chord resolution, and on that note, is definitely best enjoyed with a cigarette in a pair of wayfarers. The effortless cool about this song is something all can enjoy.

Plasma - RocoBop

The production is extremely tight, and while the style is not ground-breaking, Plasma is as catchy as a high-speed car chase, and almost as dance floor dangerous. Really looking forward to big things of RocoBop in the future.

For more info friend him on MySpace if you still use it!

Get some.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Gonna need a lawyer..

Got this mixtape in my inbox the other day and it's been getting some heavy rotation all weekend. It comes courtesy of the Sosueme DJs out of Sydney, who for those of you who don't know them are some of the most bad ass party DJs in the harbour city. The four DJs in the collective are Alison Wonderland, Joyride, DJ Handsome and Elaine Benes, and while on there own merits these people represent some of the serious power brokers of the Sydney circuit, together they are truly unique.

This mix was put together by Alison Wonderland and Joyride, the littlest and largest members of the gang, and for this take they've met somewhere in the middle to bring an ecliptic mix of hip hop, indie and dance, in a way that only the Sosueme DJs can.

Catch these guys at their weekly party at Q Bar every Friday night, or check out their Facebook.

Eat This - Sosueme DJs
Joyride - Intro
! (Song formerly known as) - Reguritator
Sia- Buttons (CSS Remix)
Gorillaz- Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)
Hot Chip- (Just Like We) Breakdown (DFA Remix)
Nas and Damian Marley- As We Enter
Missy Elliot- Gossip Folks
Tag Team- Whoop! (There It Is) (Acapella)
Gramophonedzie- Why Don't You
The Prodigy- Breathe (Spenda C Remix)
Simian Mobile Disco- Bad Blood
Miike Snow- Animal
Yolanda Be Cool vs DCUP- We No Speak Americano
SampologyMash- Green Friday
Reel 2 Real- I Like To Move It
DJ Technics- Mamasay
Basement Jaxx- Where's Your Head At? (Acapella)
Meco- Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band

This guy

Just saw this video bouncing around twitter and thought it had to be shared.

Regardless of your feelings for Steve Aoki, you have to agree he's not as cool as that bloke who just made him stage dive during a TV interview.

Have some old gold on the house

Sunchyme - Dario G

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chicks n Stuff

I have a lot of respect for female producers. We're big fans of Alison Wonderland - the little wonder girl from Sydney funking shit up - and now I have a new girl to follow. And after getting creepy on her Myspace, turns out she's kinda hot too. Boom! DJ Mulher has whipped up a remix of Aloe Blacc's 'I Need a Dollar' and it's quite good. Apparently DJ Mulher means Woman DJ in Portuguese so I'll forgive the name for now.

DJ Mulher leads an alternate life as Ana Laura, residing in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She tells me her disc-jockeying and production efforts are a hobby of hers. Her partners in crime on this track are the Pristine Blusters, and they're just two guys who 'play hard'. Moving on...

This remix is very Baltimore. The cliched 'Yeah' and 'Woo' on every second beat make a special appearance (you'll know what I'm talking about when you hear it) but the piano edits are funky, the vocals are used effectively and the overall production is thoroughly enjoyable. You can check out other production efforts of Ana on her SoundCloud or get creepy like I did on her Myspace.

I Need a Dollar (DJ Mulher & Pristine Blusters 'Millionaire' Remix) - Aloe Blacc

Peace and Love.

Coast with the most

Here is some more music that is not exclusive!

Last week I asked and received some bootlegs from a producer I've got a lot of respect for; the Central Coast's own Benson. I first saw this blokes name bouncing around the blogiverse a while back, where his bootlegs of Nelly, 5ive and other amazing party starting anthems first grabbed my attention. Deckhead used to prop the hell out of this lad and it's no wonder why. Boy knows how to make music.

These days, along with continuing his bootlegin' ways, he's making music with another coastie, Northie. Again, Northie is a name that most people have heard of, reason being that as a youngster he was a 3 time finalist in FBi's underage sets competition (oh shit Boonie won!). Even though I've never seen him DJ live, I'm all over his bootlegs and remixes as well.

Now, together we've really got one of those Captain Planet situations, where with their powers combined you really get something capable of world/recycling domination. Norhie and Benson now doubt have talent, and together they've formed Brain Matters. I'm not the first person in the world either to say that Brain Matters are the future of Australian music. As the biggest and loudest thing from the coast since Belinda Neal, these guys are, and will be for a while, huge.

Lads have recently been signed to Trouble Artists a local label responsible for representing some of the brightest talent in the Sydney scene. Hopefully this means the lads will be spending more time away from their hinterland and helping to wreck nightclubs in our fair city.

I don't have any Brain Matters collective material for you, but what I do have is some excellent Will Smith re-works from both lads which shows what boss men they really are.

Men In Black (Benson Bootleg) - Will Smith

Looking Fresh (Fresh Prince Bootleg) - Northie

Please check out their MySpace's to hear a bunch more amazing songs.

Brain Matters MySpace
Benson MySpace
Northie MySpace


Not sure if that titles even a word, and I think that's a picture of the Xx, but it's hard trying to be too clever on a long weekend.

This morning I woke to find a nice remix of the temper trap sitting in our inbox from a Dutch group called Keljet. Couldn't really find too much information on the group, but it seems as if they're quite established in the production stakes. Today they've remixed Love Lost, but according to their email on the 9th of April they've got their first official remix due out on Miami Records.

Temper Trap are pretty hot right now I think, and I don't think I've heard the original, but this remake is a throw back electro classic with glitchy synths that carries the vocals with great strength. Not a bad effort at all. Th middle trails on a little for my liking, but the opening as huge. For more tunes check out their soundcloud.

Love Lost (Keljet Remix) - Temper Trap

Latest tracks by keljet


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beanz meanz Phinz?

I wasn't going to post this track. Firstly, it doesn't really fit the genre we're trying to promote and to be quite honest it didn't really grab me at all. This track, along with other Phinz productions (which I've omitted to post based on not-good-ness) are also circulating other blogs and have been for some time. I get the feeling Phinz is just whoring himself out to any blogger that's willing to post him. But it is free music, and should be circulated despite my reservations.

Phinz is from Innsbruck, Austria. And that is as much as I know. Not signed to any label, just been making music from his Roland MC-909 synth for a year or so now.

Atari Disco is so incredibly Boys Noize-esque it's not funny. You could probably replace the artist with Boys Noize and no one would know the difference. So... the sound isn't 'new' by any stretch of the imagination. I'm no that into it, but hopefully some of you are! I do like the little synth hooks and drum lines though - reminiscent of Kavinsky almost.

Atari Disco - Phinz

Peace and Love.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lights in Storm clouds

I get excited when my inbox has tracks from artists I already know. LightsoverLA are back. And it turns out they have chosen a genre - away from their original 'I don't want to die like this' if you will remember from an earlier post. Good choice! I'd also like to apologise to Stormy and friend for doubting LightsoverLA.

What these guys are doing with their remixes is sublime. Simple, effective reworks that emphasise the emotiveness of the track. Their latest track - a remix of Miike Snow's 'Billie Holiday' - is no exception. You could play this at a club and have people dancing, whilst others sit in bar stools bobbing their heads. Or you could set it as your alarm tone and let the gentle synth edits warm your heart as you open your window and look out at the dozing world, knowing your day is already starting better than everyone else because you know who LightsoverLA are.

We're big fans out LightsoverLA, and we recommend keeping an eye on them. They are the new sound for my mind, and definitely have big things coming to them. Their last remix of Two Door Cinema Club reached number one on the Hype Machine charts - an accolade worthy of appraisal for any up and coming artist. You can stay updated by checking out their Myspace.

Billie Holiday (LightsoverLA Remix) - Miike Snow

Peace and Love.