Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Have a baby by me

Not that in anyway I can call myself an authority figure on the topic, but from what I can gather across various social networking websites, the tropical/tech/house movement is pretty supreme down in Melbourne. Sure we've got people up in Syd-ers doing there thing, we've even got Yolanda Be Cool who've been able to achieve amazing commercial success with their tropical brew, but from what I can hear/download/froth over, it seems that the scene down south is pretty boss.

For a while now Scatterblog has been my favourite source for quirk rhythmic tunes that make me wanna shake like the Pon de floor film clip. Recently, Slap n Dash (a.k.a Scattermish and Mu-Gen) completed an amazing mix up for Discobelle. The mix was made on 4 decks, 2 mixers (so live dummy) and is a culmination of some of the most inventive mixing and glamourous tropical tech music that I've ever heard.

So why I'm saying all this is of course that I've managed to find a couple songs out there that I thought you might like, one of them which starred as the first track on the Discobelle mixtape. Thankfully for us all, two of the more interesting faces on the circuit have decided to team up on a blog of their own to promote their work. I'm talking of course about Tranter (the guy from Gameboy Gamegirl who takes all his clothes off) and Swick, who you'll remember from his earlier mixtape we posted.

As is all the rage at the moment, these three tracks I'm posting are all bootlegs of Pon de floor, which is only right in a way considering the ability of Diplo over the last few years to bring baltimore/tech to the forefront of popular culture. Despite this song being well and truly played to death for a while now, hearing good people make new versions helps to keep this bad boy fresh.

Pon de baby - Gameboy Gamegirl DJ's
This bad boy is the first song out of the group for a while now but I'm not complaining. Tranter's touch to drop samples galore over some fat 808s is nothing short of magical, and shows why this huge white boy was able at one to rise to the top of the music game.

Pon de floor (Tranter edit) - Major LazerRemoved by Request
As there blog states, everyone made an edit of this song, but this is definitely up there with the best of them. Clean, and jumpy as hell. Gives the original a run for it's money.

Blue Monday vs. Pon de floor - Swick Removed by Request
Finally this little mash by Swick pits Major Lazer versus New Order. It's definately in the same league as the Pon de Foley mix we put up last week, with just enough cheese to carry it without giving you bad breath? Does that even make sense??

Check out there new blog. They've got mixes and some really awesome stuff coming out.

Tranter MySpace

Swick MySpace


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


On May 8th, Breakbot is playing in Sydney. You're a fool if you miss it. Y'all know how much we love him over here at Groove City.

For more information click here.
To buy tickets click here.

The man himself recently completed a 5 minute minimix for the Annie Mac show on the 26th of March. In all honesty it's one of the tightest 5 minutes you are ever likely to hear. Get on it.

5 minute minimix - Breakbot

Bonus: Nightcall (Breakbot Remix) - Kavinsky

Make you mine (Go Go BizKitt!! Remix) - Breakbot

Thought I'd chuck these gems up again for anybody who didn't grab it. Sneaky sneaky.

Kitsune Maison

In follow up to my post the other day of some of the Twelves finest work, I'm pleased to share with you a brand new remix by the pair, featured on the latest Kitsune Maison compilation.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Kitsune, it's a French record label that's been responsible for discovering and nuturing some of the best talent the world over. A look at their roll call of artists who have released singles, EPs and even studio albums under their banner includes the likes of A-Trak, La Roux, Guns n Bombs, Yelle, Simian Mobile Disco, Classixx and Two Door Cinema Club. Since 2005, the compilation albums released have been the stuff of legends and always something to look forward too. The latest in this line of albums is due out for release on the 26th of April, Kitsune Maison 9, and in anticipation of this, I've been able to get my hands on a mixtape by JBAG, as well as a couple of tracks off of the release.

The mixtape features music by Holy Ghost, Jupiter, Washed Out and Yuksek, songs that will all features on the album itself in full length. Word.

Kitsune Maison 9 Minimix by JBAG


1.Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)
2. Holy Ghost – Say My Name
3. Hurts – Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker Remix Kitsune Edit)
4. Gamble & Burke – Lets Go Together
5. Jupiter – Vox Populi (Lifelike Treatment)
6. Feldberg – Dreamin’
8. Washed Out – Belong
9. Your Nature – Forward Motion
10. Jamaica – Short And Entertaining
11. Silver Columns – Brow Beaten
12. Logo – La Vie Moderne
13. Yuksek – Supermenz (We’re Not)

For more information, check out the Kitsune website.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Impersonating Facial Hair

I was sent this track about a week ago now, but certain internet errors have prevented me from posting it. But I'm back!

Fake Moustache is actually a man named Sebastien, and he resides in Sydney. When I first perused the Myspace page of said Sydney-sider I was thrilled to discover there was more groovy disco beats oozing out of this great city. But alas, we cannot claim him as our own.

Instead, Sebastien is a dirty surrendering Frenchman. He's been living in Sydney for a few years now and performing under the moniker of 'Bloody Disco' at the usual electro hang outs (Candys... Home... who cares really) supporting the likes of Boys Noize and other banging Europeans. He's also played in clubs in Paris and Berlin. So I guess he's kinda cool. But he gets cooler.

Sebastien has branched into the disco genre emerging from his homeland. Citing influences like Breakbot, Cecile and Treasure Fingers the man is definitely someone to keep an eye on. Overall, he's done a damn fine job. Please refer below.

Dance With Me (Fake Moustache Remix) - Peter Brown

Check his myspace for more dates and gigs.

Peace and Love.

Friday, March 26, 2010


There's something special about hearing a Twelves remix for the first time. For the last few years, no act baring Breakbot has consistently nailed there signature sound across as many remixes as the Brazilian duo. There brand of energetic synth-pop originally caught the worlds attention with their remix of Boyz by MIA, and from here, a diverse catalogue involving remixing some big names (La Roux, Fever Ray) as well as a host of stellar originals have made them one of the most popular groups the world over.

Their live show is a spectacle admired by all who have the pleasure of having witnessed it. It's a culmination of a DJ set played off a laptop, while the pair play the keyboard and drum machines. In all it creates a live set that is seamless and blends together in a style that is truly masterful, and in a way sets an example for any DJ to achieve.

I'm saying al this of course because I got some fresh Twelves today. It's not exactly new but I thought I'd post it up anyway for y'all to check out along with some classic remixes that were perhaps a little bit less well known.

Sound of love (Twelves Remix) - Husky Rescue

2 Hearts (Twelves Remix) - Kylie Minogue

Works for me - The Twelves

Drop The Tough (Twelves Remix) - Groove Armada

How about those tigers?!


The OC was such a boss program. Not since those fabled series were on television screens have I truly looked as forward to spending a night in in front of the big screen. Call it nostalgia but for some reason I remembered an amazing song that I used to froth over back in high school. These were the days of '05 and '06 just before I discovered the Presets and Cut Copy on the valuable advice from friends.

The song in question is hard to describe. It's a ballad of sorts, albeit a slow jam, and from memory it came from one of the more 'heartbreaking' episodes, most likely regarding the break up of Ryan and Marissa. However without further adjure, check out this boss song by Bell X1. It's the type of song that makes you want to write down lyrics in your scrapbook. I'm guessing no one else did that :-/

In Every Sunflower - Bell X1

And just for good measure, here is the theme song for anybody who wants it. I don't want to know why.

California - Phantom Planet

hmm. yeah.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


If you haven't bought the Crave You EP so far today then you're behind the eight ball. I was trawling to see if anyone had chucked up any remixes just now that I could post and found this gem by Bxentric. It wasn't on the official card but it's a smooth bongo laden gem thats worthy of some noise. Lounge music.

Check it out. Go Tigers.

Crave You (Bxentric Remix) - Flight Facilities

Enjoy your weekend.
Go tigers.

Little Lucid Man

BenLucid is a Sydney DJ, producer and all round party dude. His presence around the local circuit has been felt for years not only at the unrivalled home of Sydney's indie club movement at Purple Sneakers, but also as the brains and host of some of the most innovative nights our city has to offer. Why just this very saturday his record breaking party will be taking over Q Bar on Oxford Street for a night of cracking fun (his quote not mine).

But beyond his hosting skills, it was his music making ability which first drew him to my attention. Given his almost weekly rotation at Purple Sneakers it's no surprise that he has a taste for the indie/party genres of music and what he as created is perhaps the FIRST bootleg of the number 1 song from the Triple J hottest 100, Little Lion Man. Ben has kept in tact the infectious rhythm of the original, while adding some catchy synths and restructuring it to make it friendly for the dance floor. This song is perfect for any DJ to play who may be receiving complaints from there alternative cousin that their set at his 21st is toooo dancey (we've all been there).

The second song I have for you is a mash up of the number 2 song from the JJJ countdown, Parlez vous Francais by Art vs Science and Riverside by Sidney Samson. Now mash ups per say are typically things I don't waste my time on, however once again after listening to this I couldn't resist it. In the words of the man himself, "that mash is dance floor crack". It's a mix that works in a lot of contexts and certainly a tune that everybody should have in their arsenal.

Little Lion Man (BenLucid Bootleg) - Mumford and Sons unmastered

Do you speak riverside (BenLucid Was Ear Mash) - Art vs Science f**ks Sidney Samson

You can check out some other songs and follow BenLucid on soundcloud here...
Latest tracks by benlucid


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


For months the world has waited in anticipation of the release of 'Crave You' by Sydney blokes Flight Facilities. Tomorrow is finally the day, and along with the original there will be handful of remixes by Cassian and the likes.

This remix by the C90s came out last week on toomanysebastians (RIP) and from what I can gather by banter around the scene, it's up there with the best on the album. 'Crave You' will be available from beatport, itunes etc etc and will be worth whatever you have to pay for it. It's the type of song that gets DJs laid.

Check out the Flight Facilities myspace to hear the original.

Crave You (The C90s Remix) - Flight Facilities

Probably the best in the Universe

Fantastic new remix of perhaps my favourite song of the Summer that was 2010; Sometimes by Miami Horror. This time it's from a mysterious new producer out of Sydney, named Universe. This blurb was found on the release:

"Not a lot is known about UNIVERSE with his/her/their identity shrouded in secrecy, however the little we do know is that he/she/they have exceptional production skills which has landed him/her/them official remix rights for some of the hottest tracks of now, combined with some incredible originals which are due out shortly. Universe has already been ear-marked as one to watch for the remainder of 2010."

Apart from the GLOVES remix which is an absolute gem, this bad boy is the best I've heard of the bunch. It keeps the structure in tact from the original while offering a funk-twist similar to the likes of fellow Sydney brethren, Cassian and DCup. Definitely at artist to watch for in the future.

Sometimes (Universe Remix) - Miami Horror

Monday, March 22, 2010

Slicker Cities

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

At a party on friday night I had the pleasure of meeting/re-acquainting with some people who had some considerable talent and influence. One of these people was a former alumni who unbeknown to me has been producing and DJing under the name Slicker Cities for a minute now. At first I was happy enough to meet a guy whose favourite genre of music was not bangin' electro n shit but upon listening to some of his original work it was clear that this bloke has been busy.

His original work has been featured on some heavy-weight blogs, and his style can best be described as French House. There is a smoothness to his productions that shows maturity in his technique, yet there's enough girth behind them to be able to please any punter who listens. His collaboration with fellow GrooveCity favourite Jimmy2sox is actually the best song I've heard all month. In a city filled with dutch house and posers, Slicker Cities stands above the masses as a total dude with a magical touch and a bright future. He was happy to share a couple of tracks with me, but if you'd like to get down and see the man himself in action you can catch him at his new weekly night Cose at Kudu Lounge at 225 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst.

HARLEM KNIGHTS - Slicker Cities

Keep on Movin - Slicker Cities & Jimmy2sox<--- wow

Friday, March 19, 2010

Last Sunset

Summer is gone, it's getting cold at night, so let's try preserve what we can of this sunshine.

Chazwick Bundick is a graphic artist and musician, also known as Toro Y Moi. He's been in indie bands since his high school years, but in recent times he has been most commonly associated with the chillwave movement which has been threatening to take over the globe for a minute now.

His album, Causers of this dropped in January and so naturally, I'm only hearing about it now. Musical cacoons suck. His sound is similar to one of his good friends Washed Out, although he does tend to push the tempo a little more. I can imagine if GLOVES weren't a clubber but a lover, his music would sound a little more like this.

This is sunglasses/picnic rug music. Check the vid. Irrelevant but cool.

Talamak - Toro Y Moi <--- Max Says Download

Low Shoulder - Toro Y Moi
Piano slow jam. GLOVES would dig the riffs.

Causers of this - Toro Y Moi
Funky breakbot/esque vibe with some sweet loops.


So French and so clean

Just a quick post for those who don't want opinion, only music.

B. L'amour doesn't have a Myspace, or a website of any kind. I found these tracks on some random French blog and I cannot find anything out about him/her/them. They are from New York, and the tracks are very reminiscent of a Knightlife-esque feel. Very disco, very groovy and damn good all round. Enjoy.

You Know - B. L'amour

You Got Me Dancin' - B. L'amour

Peace and Love.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We Love Jeff Bridges

In 1982, Disney made a film that revolutionised computer-generated imagery (CGI) animation. 'Tron' became a cult hit and I strongly urge everyone to check it out.

The reason I mention this movie is because the sequel will be released later this year - almost 30 years following the original. 'Tron Legacy' features some of the original cast (including Jeff Bridges) and looks amazing. Refer below... (you'll have to skip to about 30 seconds in)

The reason I mention the sequel? Well, Daft Punk are producing the music. This is the first official studio work Daft Punk have done since their third album 'Human After All' was released in March 2005. And here it is...

Tron Legacy (Daft Punk Remix) - Daft Punk

This track may not follow my current music tastes but when it comes to Daft Punk, it is hard to pass up. Once again, please rent out Tron from your local video store. It requires great concentration but you will feel like the smartest person in the world if you 'get it'.

Also, Boys Noize released a remix of the Editors last week. I don't care for it, but Alex Ridha is pretty big at the moment so I figure some people out there might be keen for it. But I have to say, the Noize is not what he used to be. I fear the day when I lump him in with the Bloody Beetroots is looming...

You Don't Know Love (Boys Noize Classic Remix) - The Editors

Peace and Love.

Washed Out

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

I've been sitting on this post for a while but in light of recent events I thought I'd put it out there for everybody who hasn't jumped on board already yet.

Washed Out is the solo project of Ernest Greene, a 26 year old out of Georgia in the Yew Ess of Ay. Cat has been making music for a few years but in recent times his bedroom creations have started to gather a lot of attention. Washed Out belongs in the new circles of music genres; the lo-fi, no-fi, cosmic, glitter, hypno pop genres of music that have been talking the world over in recent months and a quick listen to his catalogue and it's easy to see why... it's eerily addictive.

Washed Out's music has a glow about it, a spirit and passion that can only be likened to summoning the patronus charm. Each song rises up like a spirit animal and soars in a place that only happiness and fond memories can reside. It's down tempo, pad synthed, tin-drummed pop music with meaningful lyrics which is perfect for a day in the sun. His songs are a must have for any fan of Neon Indian, and he strikes me as a modern Death Cab for Cutie in a sense that I can picture him performing at the Crab Shack if the OC was still on. Washed Out was given solid rotation this past summer on FBi 94.5 so expect it soon on JJJ.

For anybody interested in photography, Ernest also runs a blog of photo's that are amazing. I'll post a link.

Feel it all around - Washed Out<---- Pick of the bunch

Belong - Washed Out

Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix) - Small Black <---- Amazing Photos.

If you've ever been to the beach you'll like this music.
Thank me later xo

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Worrying Trend

I always found it a bit of a concern when you hear of a DJ or producer who use their real name on stage. A quick glance at the biz and at any interview with an artist and it's obvious that pseudonyms and stage names are a fantastic part of the industry. Using a stage name adds character and personality to your bio and any one who uses a stage name usually has a decent story behind the name. There are some great names, there are some absolutely terrible names but rest assured at least the appearance of an alter ego usually denotes one important thing... that they don't play crap music.

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

The sad truth of it all is that most DJ's who perform using their real name usually play crap house music, most commonly of the 7 minute variety that they used to play at Tank in between all the headliners who were actually decent. The other side of the coin is that a lot of these people who perform under their real names are old, losing their hair or simply just house music artists, at which point they probably need to consider a career change if they tick any of those boxes.

Please... for music's sake... if you come across a flyer or event that suspiciously looks as if it may contain a plausible artists name, think hard before you commit to attending as the event will most likely be terrible.

Ahem here is a song from some dudes with great names, Australia's own Dcup and Yolanda Be Cool. Their pairing together in the remix of Afronuts last year produced one of the best songs of 2009, and while the tropical/afro-beat genre of YBC is in stark contrast to the boogie/techno work from Dcup, this original song is definitely one of the stand out tracks already of 2010.

I'm posting this track in 192kbps so if you want full quality then please buy it from itunes/beatport. On top of that, the pair have also made a mixtape to commemorate the release, which you can listen to over at their Sound Cloud by following the link.

We No Speak Americano - Dcup & Yolanda Be Cool 192kbps

Sound Cloud - We No Speak Americano Tour Mix

p.s Exceptions to the rule regarding DJ names are if you have a really sweet/unique full name
p.p.s I will also accept people who use their last name only.
p.p.p.s House music is generally terrible.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lights and Music

I often ask myself why artists limit themselves to certain genres. In the dizzying world of electronic-produced music, there are countless numbers of genres that may be explored. If you possess the right software, maybe a keyboard synth and basic rhythm you can whip up some sort of track relatively easily.

I have now worked out why artists don't do this now, and the answer can be metaphorically represented by Lights Over Los Angeles.

Lights Over Los Angeles, or LightsoverLA... or LOLA... they seem to name themselves different variations of the same idea... are two guys from Phoenix, Arizona. They're not signed to any label, they don't have an EP as yet and as far as I can tell they are just two more guys making music with their laptop from that toilet bowl of a nation - the US of A.

Their remix of 'What You Know' by Two Door Cinema Club was released two days ago to the world wide web. And I really like it. Similar to their Delphic remix, the two tracks are simple yet effective (pioneered by Erol Alkan). The vocals remain intact, with little alterations to the major melodic hooks and the overall result is funky, groovy and thoroughly enjoyable.

Then... you listen to their debut single 'I Don't Want to Die Like This'. It is an amalgamation of MSTRKRFT and the Bloody Beetroots and it's just awful. It must be heard to know what I'm talking about.

Dear LOLA,
Please pick a genre and stay there.
The music community of the world.

I Don't Want to Die Like This - Lights Over Los Angeles

This Momentary (LightsoverLA Remix) - Delphic

and the pick of the litter...

What You Know (LightsoverLA Remix) - Two Door CInema Club

You can check out LOLA on their website.

Peace and Love.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The New Sound

For some time now Hilltop Hoods have been bringing us the 'sound of Adelaide'. In terms of popularity they are the biggest music act to come out of Adelaide recently. However, in terms of musical integrity and grounding they are the shittest thing to emerge in a genre that should never have evolved. Australian Hip Hip is cancer via radio waves. Rapping about how much you love Friday is not the basis for a rap song. Rap was born out of oppression and disillusionment. Not going to a music festival you illiterate bogans.

If you can't tell, I have a great disdain for Australian Hip Hop. Same applies to Folk. My general feelings can be encompassed by a message I received from an associate...

"Yes Triple J, Mumford & Sons are a successful folk band. However, don't start to fucking assume that I suddenly enjoy shitty country music. Because I don't. The same applies to Hip Hop you useless wankers."

Now the point of all this venting and rambling? The Swiss represent a new form of Adelaide Music as outlined in Max's earlier post (scroll down to check it out). In fact, the University of Adelaide is the only tertiary institution in Australia that offers a course in Electronic Music Production. So it makes sense then that Def Starr are from Adelaide... and are also banging out groovy 'electronic' music.

They're not 'new' as such, having been around since mid last year as far as I can tell. And I have listened to their original work, and it isn't as good as their remixing abilities. My pick is the Get Stellar remix. Baby-making music that is. At least the first 30 seconds are anyway...

The Moment (Def Starr Remix) - Get Stellar

Grow Up (Def Starr Remix) - Swick

Something About Us (Def Starr Version) - Daft Punk

You can check out their original work on their Myspace.

Peace and Love.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

For the last three years, Kavinsky has stood out as the poster child of inactivity that has been synonymous with the Ed Banger Record label, but finally after 4 years since the release of his latest originals, we're again treated to the catchy and signature tunes of this Frenchy.

The Night Call EP which will be released soon features two original tracks as well as a couple of remixes from Dustin NGuyen and fellow recluse, Jackson. While the tunes carry the same Kavinsky sound which carried him to fame with hits such as Testarossa Overdrive, both songs are a lot more mellow and fit in with the current trend away from club bangers from the Frenchmen.

Pacific Coast Highway features the sampled commentary of a car chase behind some up tempo synth work, very reminiscent of the work off his Teddy Boy EP, while Night Call is a down tempo anthem with deep vocoder work which serves as a memorable hook.

If not for any reason, these tracks are worth hearing just to hear the progression in the artist who first appeared in 2006 with so much promise. As an added bonus, there's also a Breakbot remix of Night Call which jazzes up the original bringing some funk to the always collected Kavinsky.

Get some.

nb: apparently Kavinsky isn't even with Ed Banger, he just acts like it...

Pacific Coast Highway - Kavinsky

Night Call - Kavinsky

Night Call (Breakbot) - Kavinsky

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So Cosmic

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Since the Classixx evening at Civic Underground, I've really had a bit of a musical epiphany. The truth of the evening was that around a quarter of the songs the duo played I'd never heard before, but in speaking with friends more in tune with the evenings particular genres, most of the songs turned out to be from artists I was familiar with but people that I normally pass over. These songs exist in a genre that's hard to describe, call it disco house, or electro funk but in the year 2010 I'm betting there's going to be a massive uplift in said areas. We are already seeing the beginning stages of the domination of chill wave and dream state from artists such as Neon Indian and Washout, and as dance music continues it's mellow progression and continued resurgence back towards musicianship, look for some of the following artists to begin dominating the airwaves in a scene near you.

Tensnake is an artist out of Hamburg, Germany, and while he isn't exactly new to the scene, he's only recently gained my attention for his remix work of Polargeist and The Swiss. It was his work on this Polargeist which first drew my attention and led me to checking out his most recent EP, released last month, Coma Cat on Vacation Records. This 4 track album was as tight as it comes production-wise, with enough variety to keep me hooked despite the pretty epic track lengths. The ensuing splurge of Tensnake I then went on helped me to uncover even more originals as well as a slue of remixes which were nothing short of exceptional. I'll put up a few tracks but if you dig then please go check out some more work on itunes/beatport.

Need your lovin' - Tensnake
Beautiful disco-inspired original complete with obvious lyrics. Amazing.

In your eyes (Tensnake Remix) - Toby Tobias
Amazingly catchy funk groove. Syncopation is a word that comes to mind. If every DJ in the world played this tune there would be no war.

Battlehymn for children (Tensnake Remix) - The Faint
Touch heavier bass driven epic tune. Just you wait for the drop at 2 minutes. Just you wait.

Check for more.

While perusing around Beatport in search of some more German conquests from the Hamburger I also stumbled upon this gem from the newly formed duo, Black Van. Black Van features a man I used to find boring, Kris Menace as well as KoweSix (one half of Moonbotica) and their debut single Yearning is amazing. It also made me dust of a few gems from Menace which I used to really dislike but now.. something has clicked. I'd love to hear from anyone who can listen to Stereophonic and not smile.

Yearning - Black Van

Stereophonic - Kris Menace and Spooky

Holla at your boy.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Step Up 2010

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Since the mighty 2005 season when the Western Suburb and Balmain Tigers Rugby League squad shook up the world by claiming their inaugural title as a joint venture, the on-field struggles of the club have been well documented. It's not as if the team has gone from first to worst, but rather misfortune in the form of injuries, dubious referring as well as inconsistencies in the halves have resulted in the club failing to make it back and play finals football since their famous triumph over the Cowboys in '05.

While last season had glimpses of promise, in the end a superb final 10 weeks were not enough to overcome the mid-season form slump which saw the team lose 5 in a row and 7 of 8. In the end, 28 competition points were not enough and we finished a mere point short of finals football.

Many people will recall however the fantastic end of season form shown by the likes of Parramatta that saw them qualify in 8th place and eventually make it to the Premiership decider to play the Melbourne Storm. This exciting form was also evident from the likes of the Rabbitohs and the Tigers themselves who finished with an impressive 6 from 9 victories including victories over the Sea Eagles and Bulldogs. In the end it was a tight race for the final position within the 8, and the resurgence from the likes of the Tigers and Eels ignited a passion for Rugby League in the suburbs of the inner west that had been dormant for a short while now. As we move towards the 2010 season beginning this Friday night, the teams of (inner) Western Sydney will no longer be considered just as excitement machines capable of the occasional upset of the bigger city rivals, but as genuine title contenders.

The Tigers have made some fantastic off-season moves, none more impressive than the long contract extension given to Benji Marshall. The contract will make Benji a 'Tiger for life' and hopefully settle down the Kiwi who's future has been up in the air for a couple of years. On top of this there is also the much anticipated return to Rugby of journeyman and big unit Lote Tuquiri. Despite his fondness for call-girls, there is no denying this guys talent which has seen him dominate Rugby Union as the best winger on Australian soil for the past 10 years.

On top of this there is also the continued development of emerging stars from last year such as Tim Moltzen, Robert Lui, Taniela 'the tank, tnt' Tuiaki and Blake (Reece) Ayshford. With the Toyota Cup Squad also making it to the final of the competition last year, the stocks of young and talented players at the club are boundless. Look out for Arron Wood or the Fifita Brothers to step up if a gap emerges up front. The tigers have the perfect balance this year of savy, head-strong veterans (Todd Payten, Robbie Farrah, Gareth Ellis) and flair (Beau Ryan, Moltzen, Tuiaki) to really rattle some teams this year and on paper look to be one of the top teams in the league. Quite frankly, finishing outside the top 4 this year would be seen as disappointing to those in the know.

The first game of the year is next Monday night at the SFS against the Seagles. Manly will be keen to step up this year given their shocking beginning to last season which saw them lose every game until their cross-eyed fullback returned from suspension for pedophilia (which was the game against the tigers) last year. So even though Bundy Mundy's are a tad dull, if you're a tigers fan I suggest you pull up your socks and make it out there to the SFS if for no reason than to just see me try and be the loudest/most obnoxious West Tigers fan in Sydney (can't compete with those Campbelltown folk).

If you like the music we post on here than check out this beauty from 2005, the last time the Tigers were great. Best listened to really really loud.

Eurodans - Todd Terje

And while I'm at it, Todd did also happen to make this remix which seems to go off every where I play it, so I might as well share! All he's done is fix a sweet sweet bassline to a classic and give it suitable intro so I hope you dig it.

Stuck in the middle (Todd Terje Refix) - Steelers Wheel

Just also wanted to make mention that it's also the Tigers players that have left which will make the club the best this year. Sucked in Cronulla. No single player has been personably responsible for as many team losses in the last 3 years as John Morris has been.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is this even a cheese shop???

What this classic Monty Python sketch has to do with Modular's latest record signing isn't much but most people are hard pressed to think about anything more than cheese at mention of the word swiss.

But alas, this 3-piece out of Radelaide make sweet music that isn't necessarily hole riddled unlike the curdled delight which shares name sake.

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The Swiss make a brand of music which is halfway between funk and disco, with a hint of cosmic dance storm as well, and in an era obsessed with retro revivalism, The Swiss have a flavour that tastes of genuine home cooking. I'm normally one to steer clear of songs that range longer than 6 minutes, however the quality of their beats is enough to draw me in as a fan.

If anything, the EP in all it's glory cries out for vocals of some kind, a hook that would draw the audience even closer to the tasty jams, but maybe that's just the pop tragic in me.

The album (available through iTunes) is definitely a must have for people who enjoy the likes of early cut copy, fred falke and laser shows. It also features a couple remixes by Melbourne man Knightlife, as well as Tensnake.

The Sydney leg of their release party is tomorrow night, Friday the 5th of March at Sosueme at Qbar and I'm lucky enough to be djing during the evening from 130-3 so if you feel like a cosmic journey, come get tropical with the best thing out of Adelaide since Boof Lehman.

To whet your appetite here is a few tunes from the EP and also an awesome remix they finished for local Sydney dudes The Holidays. If you enjoy these tracks then please buy the album mainly because you know you should. 10 months from now when everyone is recapping their favourite albums of twentyten, no doubt these lads will get a mention.

Moonlight Hours (The Swiss Remix) - The Holidays

Manthem - The Swiss

Soap Opera - The Swiss

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bangers and Flash

So it appears the sleepy giant that is Ed Banger Records is stirring. Mr Flash, the artist formerly known as Flash Gordon, has an EP release scheduled for April 2010 titled Blood, Sweat and Tears. You can check out video teaser here.

Mr Flash was actually the first artist ever to sign to Ed Banger Records in 2003 and he's already released two albums. Truth is... I didn't care much for him then, and I haven't really altered my stance. However, the following track (from his 2006 release) is quite well produced, and the above video teaser is promising. So I'm in Flash limbo. Like you care.

Disco Dynamite - Mr Flash

Mr Flash will be touring nationally, landing at the Arcade in Sydney on June 5. I will recommend one check this show out. Odds are he'll bring some sort of Ed Banging Frenchman to support him.

Whilst we're on upcoming releases with no new tracks to blog about, a drunken encounter with Les Petits Pilous a while back at their Sydney show gave me some inside information. Firstly, the LPP both reckon that the upcoming Justice album is "absolutely mind blowing... better than the first album". This is a massive call. They also said the upcoming Crookers album is going to be huge. I heard the first single off said album the other day. And it's shit. I'm not even going to post it. So... hopefully they have got 1 in 2 right.

And because you all deserve more than one track, how freaking good is Sinnerman. I heard it played on some Top Gear episode the other day. Reminded me of when Felix da Housecat was the shit, instead of just... shit...

Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat Heavenly House Mix) - Nina Simone

Peace and Love.