Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weather Report #6

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, been busy being on holidays. Not that you that matters! In celebration of my holiday beginning tomorrow morning I've decided to do one last weather report on some more amazing tunes that it's taken me too long to find in my inbox. I can tell you I'm not a fan of this habit, but it's amazing still uncovering gems.

Firstly, M.A.F out of the UK. Don't know too much about him, other than that he makes some pretty decent dubstep. The kind that I enjoy anyway. It's the kid that still keeps the music in it, maybe a touch less wobbly, but still very enjoyable. Check out his bootleg of Crave You by Sydney's Flight Facilites. He also has some other rad tunes on his SoundCloud. Check out Coconut Grove!
Flight Facilities - Crave You (M.A.F. Remix) by DJ M.A.F.

The next track is from L&O, again, another group I know little about. They're french and they make house music, but it's not French House amazingly, more like the good old kind that tore up the 90s. Very enjoyable if you like your big room tunes. If you're fluent in French then hit up their MySpace.
L&O - New York 3000 by anchorfactory

The great people from Lightspeed records also sent us their latest musical offering, Stick Back by Planet Jumper. Honing their sound both in the studio, for the past 4 years, as well on stage, where their performances combine live rhythms with digital tricknology, Melbourne-based production duo Planet Jumper have built their sound on driving drums, low-slung bass, liquefied guitar, sticky synths & wild percussion. Support this tune by purchasing it on Juno.
Planet Jumper - Stick Back [LSR009] 128 by Lightspeed Recordings

So much more good stuff coming for you but unfortunately that will have to wait until after my holiday.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Modern Eyes

Man do I feel behind the 8-ball. In listening to the recent remixes by Beni and Bit Funk of the latest single from new rock/electro rockers Jump Jump Dance Dance, it's apparent that the release of their album is going to be one of those moments that a lot of people are talking about.

Jump Jump Dance Dance (JJDD) is comprised of Chris Carter and Simon Lewicki, two Aussies currently residing in Los Angeles and although only new as a pairing, between them they have already amassed a wealth of experience – Carter as an in-demand DJ and vocalist and Simon as the mastermind behind the celebrated US Billboard #1 Club act Chili Hi Fly plus multi-ARIA nominated Groove Terminator and Tonite Only. I really really like their music, and you will as well. As discussed in their press release, the pair isn't happy with merely an album, but are already geared up for a slew of remixes as well as a live show set to combine equal and perfectly balanced amounts of rock and live synth work amongst other things. I'm hoping that perhaps they'll make it to field day. That would be dope.

While I can't offer you the 320 of Modern Eyes, their latest single (it's available for buying now so look for it!), peep the video, and below are the equally amazing remixes by none other than Beni and BitFunk. BitFunk, much like U-Tern is a Canadian disco hero. The fact he now lives in Chi City shouldn't put you off. There's clearly some good things going down North of the Border, and it's my intention to bring that to you soon.

Modern Eyes (BitFunk Remix) - Jump Jump Dance Dance

Modern Eyes (Beni Remix) - Jump Jump Dance Dance


Show Me The Night (Grum Remix) - Jump Jump Dance Dance

This is a really good song.

Check their MySpace.

Weather Report #5

As per usual, I'm about a month behind in my the blog submissions, and as per usual I've dug up some gold for you.

Bliss - Mix Chopin .. Out of Canada, he's making what is fast becoming the sound of 2010, being disco house. This track is very dope, would be doper with vocals, but is definitely worth knowing about if you can relate to the likes of Go Go Bizkitt amongst others. Check his SoundCloud for more details. Download the 320 off of Mediafire here.
Mix Chopin - Bliss by MixChopin

As you can guess by the name Anthony Atcherley, he doesn't muck around making dubstep or disco, it's straight up house music. I've been sent a few tracks by this chap that have all been quite good, his latest offering (well of a month ago) is the favourite track that I've heard. It's got those disjointed chords that I'm dying to learn how to make. This Brit has talent, and I'm looking forward to seeing where he'll take that in the near future. Check his SoundCloud for more information.
Anthony Atcherley - Its A Lot Like Life by Anthony Atcherley

The final track I have to share with you is from the Superlative Sons a.k.a SSONS out of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. These two lads, DJs turned producers like a sample as much as the next bloke. Their track below is your classic Baile Funk anthem, just begging for you to shake your hips along with it. Very nice. Check their SoundCloud for more tunes.
Deixa O Garoto Brinca by SSONS

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Sosueme in the Grass

So as you know, Splendour is coming up next week. I was lucky enough to score a ticket, and chances are it's going to be all-time. Check out this video for a few Splendour tips from Jaydos before you travel up next week.

To get you in the mood, the lovely folks from Sosueme have put together a Splendour All-stars mixtape comprised of hits from all of the groups performing at the festival. Not only is it superbly put together, but it gets me rigid just thinking about how awesome next week is going to be. Download it, become a fan of the Sosueme DJs on facebook, and look out for me and Jaydos next week up at Woodford. Murray will be there also. Yew!

Sosueme In the Grass 2010


Florence Intro
LCD Sound System - You Wanted a Hit (Soulwax Remix)
Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (Frames Remix)
Tim & Jean - Come Around
Mike Snow - Animal (Fake Blood Remix)
Hot Chip - Shake It Over and Over
Grizzly Bear – Knife (Girl Talk Remix)
The Vines - Get Free
Philadelphia Grand Jury – Going to the Casino
Mumford & Sons – Little Lion Man
Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars (Kris Menace Remix)
Miami Horror – Sometimes (Universe Remix)
Aeroplane vs Flight facilities - I Crave Paris
Jonathon Boulet – A Community Service Announcement
DCUP & Yolanda Be Cool - We No Speak Americano
The Swiss - Bubble Bath (Knightlife Remix)
Wolfmother - New Moon Rising (Hey Now Remix)
Art vs Science - Magic Fountain
Midnight Juggernauts – This New Technology
Yeasayer – One (Build & Clancy Remix)
Temper Trap - Fader
Pixies – Hey (Diplo Devil Remix)
Florence & the Machine – Cosmic Love (Short Club Remix)
Bluejuice - Broken Leg
Jinja Safari - Peter Pan
Goldfrapp – Strict Machine
Tame Impala – Half Full Glass Of Wine (Canyons Drunken Rage Remix)
Strokes – Last Night
Passion Pit – Sleepy Head (Joyride Remix)
Cadillac – Do It
Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancin'

Black Diamond Bay

Another gem surfaced for me this morning on SoundCloud, this time from Black Diamond Bay out of Leeds in the UK.

Black Diamond Bay are a six piece band playing a pretty unique brand of electro-folk music. They've drawn comparisons with the likes of Massive Attack (Boom Boom CHK) and are also a touch similar to Breton albeit in a much less industrial manor. If Death Cab for Cutie had more synths and a female vocalist, it would sound similar to this.

Their latest single is called 'Philharmonic Bubbles', it was out in June on exceptional records. You can buy it off of iTunes, and you can also preview it below. It's quite good. There's a lot more of their catalogue on their SoundCloud most of which, again, is available on iTunes.
Philharmonic Bubbles by blackdiamondbay

Check their website for the amazing backstory behind the group.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Growing Up

So just incase you haven't heard by now, for the last few months there's been some amazing parties going on down at the Civic Underground every saturday night. It's called Adult Disco, it's about legitimate house and disco music in an amazing environment and this coming saturday it is going to be absolutely off the chain.

There's more than a few names that spring to mind when you mention young Australian musical trail blazers, how ever the Civic is lucky enough to be hosting a swag of them for what is sure to be one of the best nights of the year. The stage will play host to the talents of Cadillac from Melbourne, Youth from Queensland, as well as the enigmatic Frames, Disco Delicious Andy Webb, Hentai from Disco Punx and FBi's wunderkid James "Big Time Timmy Jim" McInnes. These are names that some of you may be familiar with, but if you're not then check out some of the works below.

While you're at it, while not check out the event page on facebook. That's this Saturday the 24th of July at the Civic Underground, $10 bones before 12.

This is the Frames remix of Two Door Cinema Club. Unfortunately he made this too late to get it into the contest, but in my opinion it's worth considering as one of the nicest remixes out there. It's driven along steadily with some funky cowbell beats and glitchy synths and is another glorious remix in this man's quickly expanding catalogue of work. Cannot wait for some originals. Check his SoundCloud.
What You Know (Frames Is Too Late Remix) by Frames

I didn't know too much about Youth until I saw him on the bill, how ever the rumoured infatuation that Andy Webb has with the man is enough to suggest that he can produce the goods. Check it out for yourself below in his gorgeous original Uno, Dos, Tres. Check his SoundCloud.
Uno, Dos, Tres by Youth

This is a tune I've posted before from Melbourne boys Cadillac, but in my opinion, not enough fuss has been made over this single yet. Again, cannot wait to see what the near future holds for these lads. If it's anything like the rumours suggest then we are all in for a real treat. Check their SoundCloud for some other dope tunes.
Make You Feel by Cadillac™

These acts are all future stars in the present and it's a real blessing to be able to have the opportunity to see them all on the same stage for $10 before we are paying hundreds to follow them as they tour round Europe. Maybe I can tag along as an official vuvuzela player? Here's hoping.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

What You Thought You Knew

Remix comps, DJ comps, everybody seems to be competing these days. Hard to understand what for really.

I know I'm a little late on this jam, I was in fact waiting for a whole bunch of other remixes to flood in for the same tune, but the internet was a little quieter than I thought it would be. I'm talking of course about the Cassian remix of 'What You Know' by Two Door Cinema Club. At the moment, the man is currently tearing up Europe on route to Ibiza where he will play undoubtedly the biggest gigs of his short but stellar career to date. Before he left however, he knocked out this bad boy.

He's really Cassian'd it, which I interpret to mean he's added funky arse guitar riffs, broken up the chorus and made it quite danceable and delightful. No doubt a contender for the title. Fan him on Facebook.
What You Know (Cassian Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club by cassian88

Found this other jam as well from a new group who I don't no much about apart from that they're from Sydney Australia, and there's two of them. Quite long but definitely a nice jam. Fan them on Facebook.
What You Know (The Baldives Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club by The Baldives

Good news is while I was writing this I've had confirmation that another Sydney producer, Frames, will also be releasing his Two Door Cinema remix this evening so that's something else for you to look forward too! Word up.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Weather Report #4

Couple more tasty jams for you from the realm of SoundCloud this week. Some of these have been around for a little while, but always worth sharing quality work!

Yaaman is out of the Ukraine and having recently made the switch from producing hip hop to dance music, has shown signs of promise with some french touch inspired tracks. 'Only You' is a pretty uplifting house tune, not a bad attempt at all and you can't help but feel with a little more time in the genre he may be able to produce some really special tracks. Check him out on SoundCloud for more tracks an info. He even runs his own 'Very Disco Blog'. Check it!
Yaaman - Only You by Yaaman

Toomy Disco is an absolute dude. Only found out about this Argentinian yesterday from a friend, but it seems that why I've been sleeping, he has been perfecting a sound that is oh so cosmic. Check out his SoundCloud for a more detailed outline of his catalogue of music. At lot of it is available on Beatport as well.
Toomy Disco - Space Buddy (Original Mix) by Toomy Disco

The Gripp is a young Sydney producer specialising in nailing that oh so smooth nu-disco vibe down. Not sure too much else about this chap, but I really enjoy his catalogue of sounds. Very promising. Check out his entry into the Kavinsky - Nightcall remix competition below, as well as a bunch more original songs on his SoundCloud. He also has a facebook page.
Kavinsky - Nightcall (the Gripp Remix) by The Gripp

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oh Yeah

Firstly, I almost wet myself when I watched this video.

Secondly, wow that music posted by Murray yesterday was amazing. Really dug the feel of the OHYEAH track. We've been lucky enough to receive great music from a lot of talented American artists this year such as LBCK, This One's For Cody, Beat Connection, the Binary crew as well as Wine & Cheese. Seems there's an amazing movement going on over there similar to the surge Australia enjoyed during it's summer months.

After scouting more info on OHYEAH I came across his other track on SoundCloud, a remix of Wes from Wine & Cheese, and after one listen (and now 5 later) I'm hooked. It's got everything I like in a song. Reminiscent of some of Light Year's recent work, being with a hint of sample, some grinding leads and some dope beats which drive it hard. I really think you ought to know about this one.

NB: as it turns out, he is actually from Germany. Think imma head to Europe.

Wine&Cheese - The Chase (OHYEAH Remix) by ohyeahmusic

Check his myspace.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We ♥ Binary. The Los Angeles based artist collective and label have hit us with their latest promo and, as per usual, it's stellar. LexiconDon aren't a new partnership, but unless you're from North America or an absolute blog-hawk you may not be entirely familiar with what they've done to-date.

During 2008, Alex Koons and Fabian Ordorica got together to form a synthpop duo after being inspired by all the right elements. Their debut album, 'Pink + Blue' is a tour de force of funk-laden synthpop, built around heartfelt lyrics and memorable hooks. 2009 saw their group take on a different appearance with the addition of Sam Gabbard (guitar) and Matteo Eyia (drums) to create an enigmatic live show which supported the likes of Little Boots, Neon Indian, Class Actress, Toro y Moi, and MADRAD.

December Sunset is the 'oh so Binary' debut single of their upcoming full length album, which will be available in August. It's a lovers anthem built around arpeggiated bass, swooning pan synths and the occasional vocal harmony. It's truly about as organic as electronic music can sound. The sound is not dissimilar to fellow Binary peeps Alpha and Nightwaves, and also draws comparison to Toro Y Moi, probably with a touch more 'fi' however. You'll like it if you still buy music.

As a bonus, the amazingly under the rader U-Tern has provided his remix of the track available for free download (in 320 y'all!). This Canadian producer/DJ/radio host caught my attention a while back when D Cup used the dub version of his Britney Speers remix for an amazing personal mash up. I've always wanted to give him a write-up and perhaps this be the perfect motivation! Stay Tuned!

December Sunset - LexiconDon

December Sunset (U-Tern Remix) - LexiconDon

Become a fan of LexiconDon on Facebook to stay tuned for the album drop!
Become a fan of U-Tern to hear some of his other catalogue of immaculate choons.

We Sold Out

Warning: This post contains two seperate yet related themes. If you are after the music, scroll straight to the bottom. If you like this blog though, read on.

You may have noticed the banner ad above this post. I have always wanted to keep Groove City simple. Ultimately, everything Max and myself do with this blog is about the music - and perhaps our opinions may follow a close second. We were approached by a company who wanted to use our site for ad space. Initially I said no, but then I had an idea.

Australian Youth Against Cancer (AYAC) is a youth charity based in Sydney, Australia. One of my best mates founded AYAC earlier this year and I honestly can't believe how successful it's been so far. I have tried to help out where I can. But the truth is I don't help out much at all really... in fact I do hardly anything now. This is largely because he and I have a leisure-based relationship. Charity work takes up a shitload of his time, so when we hang out we have fun, discuss quantum theory and break shit.

So that I can sleep better at night, all the money I make from ads will go straight to AYAC. I don't know how much that will be, but every time you read this blog for more awesome music you'll be contributing in some small way. So thank you. You can become a friend of AYAC on Facebook.

Now for the music...

OHYEAH is perhaps a slightly over-enthused moniker, but I'll allow it. He sent me the following track privately with a personalised message. 'How nice', I thought, 'he's not some c*nt whoring himself out to every crappy blog in existence'. I like this guy.

I don't know his full name unfortunately, but he is based in New York (I think). Really all you care about is the music - and it is amazing. For me, this track epitomises the music I want Groove City to promote. It's tightly produced, brilliantly constructed and downright funky. Think of it as 21st century disco. Elements of the 70s are there, but they've just been run through an effects unit and the entire package is flawless. I love this track. Even the title is awesome.

Super Nintendo Chalmers - OHYEAH

Check out his MySpace or his SoundCloud for more grooves.

Peace and Love. And thank you.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feelin' dirty

Down n Dirty DJs is a name that I had heard around Sydney. Sadly, this wasn't on account of reputation for their abilities, but rather the reputation of one of the venues they frequented as amongst the biggest Facebook spammers of all time. While in the past, the association with this particular venue has in some circles spoken more about your ability to market yourself than your prowess as a DJ, the fact of the matter is that gradually a few names have begun to rise out of the relentless pursuit for crowd superiority thankfully due to their abilities as producers.

Down n Dirty DJs in this case have joined the likes of Moonchild in growing out of the cave and into the big bad world of house music, where their sample driven originals and edits have quietly begun gaining notoriety amongst a sleuth of dedicated SoundCloud devotees.

Thadz and Jimmy have been DJing together, across borders for around 5 years. During this time they've held residencies across various notorious night spots in both Sydney as well as the Gold Coast, as well as various other international destinations they've no doubt met along their travels. Despite currently living in different states, the pair maintain their partnership, which has involved producing for the last 3 years.

Check out some of their tunes below. The first is a house/electro original, the second a tasty re-incarnation of a disco classic, and the final one is very Fred Falke. Definitely worth knowing about. For more info peep their SoundCloud.

Down N Dirty Djs - Everytime My Record Drops by Down N Dirty Djs

Earth Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland (Down N Dirty Djs Re-chunk) by Down N Dirty Djs

Down N Dirty Djs - Forbidden Lover (Final Version) by Down N Dirty Djs

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Viva la Furia Roja!

And that's all I'll say about the World Cup. Except that beautiful football triumphed, and I am of the firm opinion that the better and more deserved team won.

Some more fine music from the depths of my cluttered inbox. In fact this is probably the first time I've posted a track that's come via the SoundCloud dropbox. Usually I receive email notifications telling me that someone has shared some shitty track with 500 people and I don't bother. Other blogs will post it - even if it's shit. But this was limited to myself and one other individual. Dezlin must read the blog... I like this guy/girl already.

I have no information on him/her though. Absolutely none. No facebook, myspace... nothing. But hopefully he'll get back to me and I can fill you in on what makes Dezlin tick.

This track however is wickedly funky. LCD Soundsystem's latest album offering is brilliant, and Dezlin has made 'Home' slightly more club-friendly but very easy to listen to. Overall I do feel the vocals could be emphasized more to give the track further depth and emotion, but the beat is awesomely simple and a pleasure to groove about the house to. Check out Dezlin's Soundcloud for more gold.

Home (Dezlin Remix) - LCD Soundsystem

Peace and love.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's good to have friends...

I checked the inbox the other day for the first time in about 2 weeks to find circa 200 new emails. I planned on filtering through them, but most of them are labelled 'New Mash-Up' or are form artists who choose to spell their DJ moniker phonetically. I am very judgmental when it comes to names now. It saves me opening the email and then using my bandwidth only to discover more shit house music. But I did find some solid gold.

Computer Magic, or Danielle Johnson, is a Brooklyn-based DJ and producer. She's 21 years young and recently decided to ditch the college pursuits (temporarily) and lay down some tracks. This is a good thing.

I love her sound. Very raw, emotive and incredibly up-beat at the same time. The vocals are heavily filtered which only adds to the dream-like feel the tracks produce. The overall product is thoroughly enjoyable, and does follow in the footsteps of those who tread the Neon Indian 'Dream Wave' road - but that is not to say Computer Magic isn't awesome. She most definitely is. Electronic Fences is my pick of her assorted tracks, but I'll throw in another one. I'm a nice guy.

Downtown is Broken - Computer Magic

Electronic Fences - Computer Magic

Check out Danielle on her Myspace or preferably her Soundcloud. Everyone knows Myspace is shit now compared to SoundCloud.

Peace and Love.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weather Report #3

Time for another swag of quality tracks from the world of SoundCloud. Get on board!

Kamps! is a band out of Poland, somewhere between disco, pop and house music. Simply quite stunning. Not unlike a groovier Cut Copy. Check out their entire discography on their SoundCloud.

Heats by Kamp!

Distance of the modern hearts by Kamp!

Become a fan on Facebook.

This video came in from an Italian man by the name of Scuola Furano. Don't know too much about it other than it's apart of a 90s house tribute EP he has recently made, and that in the past he's remixed Sweat It Out's Act Yo Age. It's really really dope. As soon as I have more details on this I will share them with you. Perhaps they're at his website. www.scuolafurano.com.

Scuola Furano - Tribute ep teaser from Scuola Furano on Vimeo.

FlashBack by Scuola Furano

This and other tunes all available for free download on his SoundCloud. What a dude.

Obligatory post for this smooth gem. Sydney's Moonchild's take on We No Speak Americano.
Yolanda Be Cool + DCUP - We No Speak Americano (Moonchild Remix) by Moonchild

Obligatory post for this classy gem. By Britain's own Go Go Bizkitt! Gotta love this guy.
A Taste of Honey - Rescue Me (Go Go Bizkitt! Edit) by Go Go Bizkitt!

That's enough for this post I think. I'd hate to turn my SoundCloud weather reports into a big info-less music drop. But I really like these four acts and you will too.


Stay Connected

It seems like ages ago that Murray first blew my mind by posting up a track by Beat Connection out of Seattle. It was a few months back, right in the midst of New Wave fever sweeping over the world, and the track, 'Same Damn Time' gave me one of those feelings where things just seem so simple. It's kind of like watching Donnie Darko.

Anyway, I was really excited to get back in touch with the guys again to hear that they have released a full EP for free. The aptly named 'Surf Noir' EP is a collection of beats, vocoder lyrics and pan synths that can easily be the soundtrack to any mood that you're feeling. The comparisons with heavy weights of the genre such as Toro Y Moi and Washed out will flow in as they should, the EP soars about 2 foot above sea level and caress your ear drums like a gentle wave at the beach.

Wow. Perhaps the moral to this tale is that it's very hard to describe, but amazingly easy to listen to.

<a href="http://beatconnection.bandcamp.com/album/surf-noir-ep">Sunburn by Beat Connection</a>

This link previews tracks and allows you to go to website to download it for free. i highly recommend you do this.

Same Damn Time - Beat Connection

Sunburn - Beat Connection

Theme From Yours Truly - Beat Connection

Become a fan on Facebook.