Monday, May 31, 2010


Munk is dope. He owns a record label and makes some beautiful music. It has been a while between releases for him however. His most recent track came out the other day and it's dope. Check it out in the video below.

The single package is complete with some amazing remixes too from the likes of Azari & III, and Shir Kahn to name a few, and the later remix I have to share with you. It's a 7 minute house classic. You'll enjoy it.

As a super special gift I've got one of his older tunes for you. It's called Live Fast Die Old and it's one of my favourite songs. Get Some.

La Musica (Shir Kahn Remix) - Munk

Live Fast Die Old - Munk & Asia Argento192

MUNK "La Musica"

MUNK | MySpace Music Videos

Check out the full release on Beatport.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Old Gold

For reasons unknown my internet recently decided it wanted to just chill out. It was probably tired of being really fast all the time. Understandable really... we all need a break every now and then. Unfortunately, given my high-speed conditioning, this infuriated me when attempting to download or upload musique, or watch hilarious videos on YouTube.

Luckily Max is always on the case and has been providing you tunes for the past however long.

As I try to gather new music and make up for the multitude of posts I've been unable (or really just not bothered to do it 100 times slower than normal) to throw up, here are two little gems from the depths of my iTunes that I haven't played for some time, but remembered they are awesome.

This remix of Lisztomania is one of my all time favourites. Brilliant use of the vocals with break beats and heavy synths make this a club banger that everyone can sing along to.

Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix) - Phoenix

And Thomas Bangalter needs no introduction. One of the greatest human beings to ever breathe the same oxygen I breathe. This edit is almost 12 years old, still killing it.

Vertigo (Thomas Bangalter's Virgo Edit) - Alan Braxe

More music soon!

Peace and love.

Calvi on the Rocks, thanks.

What do Hot Chip, Joakim, A-Trak, Midnight Juggernauts, Munk, Tiga & Brodinski, Holy Ghost, Breakbot, The Twelves, Yuksek and Jupiter all have in common?

They're all playing at the incredible Calvi on the Rocks festival this year.

 festival in Corsica an island in the Mediterranean Sea that is West of Italy, South-east of the French Mainland and North of the island of Sardinia. It's a hybrid of
 music both live
 and from some of the worlds foremost 

to combine
around sea,
holidaying in the Mediterranean 
and of course, great

 and listen 
party), Bout 
or Mara 

there are 
sets and live music 
this, everybody on the island is invited to 
 The whole thing of course going over 5 days.

And all we've got to offer in Australia is 2 days up in bloody Woodford.

Now maybe you're wondering why I'm talking about this considering how far away I live from Corsica, and the reasons aren't that the organisers are shipping me a case of Russian Standard Vodka for a plug, but rather that by talking about it I could get my hands on one of the best mixtapes I've heard in quite a while.

Jupiter are a group out of Paris and London in the same vein as Joakim and Cut Copy, making music that is, as they describe it, electro funk disco. They're really good. If you check out their Facebook page and scroll down you can preview some of their work. This mixtape is a taste of Calvi to come, with all the tracks being from artists who are performing at the July festival. Get on it.

Calvi 8 - Mixed by Jupiter

Midnight Juggernauts - This New Technology (CcenturiesS Remix)
Joakim - Spiders
Hot Chip - She Wolf (Shakira Cover)
Yuksek - So Far Away From The Sea (The Twelves Remix)
Fortune - Gimme
Munk - Back Down (Cut Copy Jackmaster Remix)
Jupiter - Vox Populi
Chateau Marmont - Heliochrome

If you would like some more info about Calvi on the rocks including links to buy tickets, check out their website or become a fan of the Festival on Facebook.

Check out this video from last year to see what you're missing out on.

Calvi on the Rocks 2009 from Clichey on Vimeo.

Welcome to Proyecto Batidora

The Buffetlibre DJs sent over their latest remix of Plushgun, which apparently has already had enormous success in terms of downloads through (thats what their email said) buuuuuut alas the email also contained some very fantastic news for all you budding producers out there.

Mixtapes (Buffetlibre Remix) - Plushgun

Only last week was I reading an interview with Monsieur Adi over on Too Many Sebastians where he was saying that the path he recommended for any people wishing to enter into the world of production was through remix competitions. Now just about everyone I know in Sydney has had a crack at the recent "We no speak Americano" remix competition and some of the results have been fantastic (stay tuned for a mega post of some of the best entries) but where do we go from here? The recent buzz of activity has awoken the monster within a lot of people who wish to continue on the production path but perhaps are unaware of where to go with it next.

Welcome to Proyecto Batidora.

A home for stems from some of the biggest artists in the world at the moment. Now I'm sure there are other websites like this but being the first one I've found I'm pretty stoked. Check it out for yourself if this sounds like something you might be interest in.

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UPDATE: even more stems at

Confused Swede

Got sent an 'imaginary mash up' from a guy by the name of Passport Royale and thought it was worth sharing. Weird Al Jankovic made a name for himself in the nineties and early 2000s with his brand of "Polka Power" were he would sing mash ups with an accordion and backing band, and it's good to see his influence has rubbed off albeit it in Sweden.

This song is an imaginary mash up of Yaesayer, 2pac, Blur, Rockwell, Eurythmics, Public Enemy, Smashing Pumpkins, and Prince.

Sweet Dreams Of Somebody Watching One California Bullet Song In 1999.911 - Passport Royale


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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Renaissance Man

Renaissance Man has always been one of those artists that I wish I knew more about. The Finnish duo blew onto the scene in 2009 when their Debut Spraycan was released on Switch's Dubsided label. Before this however, they had already begun the house revolution in Finland which would soon sweep the world.

Since then they've released EPs on Made To Play and Sound Pellegrino, the title track 'What is Guru' becoming one of the underground hits of the year. We were lucky enough to have them gracing the stages at the electronic mess of a festival that was stereosonic, and now we are lucky enough to be able to welcome them back to Sydney to headline the Generic Collective's first birthday party at the Civic Underground on Friday the 11th of June.

For those of you who don't known, Generic Collective are the new breed of legit party goers and throwers in Sydney. With nights popping up dime a dozen every week in amongst the Sydney night life, it's testament to these lads skill and dedication that they've been able to survive a year. To date they've thrown some amazing parties at venues from the Burdekin (or is it the Viper Room?) to Phoenix Bar and there's no doubt the crowning jewel in their armour will be there first birthday at the Civic which has fast become the most legit venue in Sydney thanks in no small part to other Sydney favourites Future Classic. If you know what's up you'll be there.

To get you in the zone, here's some of Renaissance Man's latest work, including some amazing remixes of Solo and the Crookers (who are on the fast track to musical redemption after their Ministry of Sound debacle.. still don't like them though).

Babbadabba EP by Renaissance Man

Crookers feat. Roisin Murphy - Hold Up Your Hand (Renaissance Man Remix) by Renaissance Man

Solo - Afreaka (Renaissance Man Remix) by Renaissance Man

RSVP here on Facebook and buy tix through Moshtix.

Check out Renaissance Man on Beatport to buy all his tracks.

Short Circuit

Binary is an amazing family of artists hailing out of Los Angeles. Every time we receive a submission from them it's a no brainer that it's top notch. Their most recent success came from the enormous NightWaves track 'Sweet Carrie' which tantalised the internet for about 6 weeks before we all got sick of the hype and picked ourselves up offa tha floor.

The other day they sent me their latest offering, this time by Short Circuit and his latest track, 'Let Go'. Short Circuit is Andrew Verner of Los Angeles. One of Binary's seven artists Short Circuit's unique take on indie dance is highlighted by his pop leaning vocoded vocals. After having been in indie rock bands for years, Verner took his music to the electronic realm in 2008. Since that time he's gained notoriety for his remixes of such artists as The Presets, Digitalism, and Michael Jackson. Short Circuit is well known in Los Angeles for his dynamic live show, which is a complex blend of live synths, live vocals, and on-the-fly remixes. Let Go is his first single as Short Circuit, and will be followed by an EP to come in 2010.

Let Go starts of in a very token arpeggiated electronic manor, much like Fischerspooner, but quickly seperates itself from the pack with it's vocoded lyrics and percussion breakdowns. In all this track is a powerhouse of indie/electro hybrid passion and I can only imagine what it sounds like live. To be expected, the NightWaves remix is stellar, beginning in a softer place than the original but still ramping up the attitude later on in a whirl of pan synths and tribal drums. I've also included the Popskarr remix which you should definitely check out.

Let Go - Short Circuit

Let Go (NightWaves Remix) - Short Circuit

Let Go (Popskarr Remix) - Short Circuit

Check out the Binary Blog. It's great.
Short Circuit on Facebook.
NightWaves on Facebook.
Popskarr on MySpace.

Kids of 88

I'm a bicentennial baby. So is Murray. Think it meant that we got a certificate from the Australian Government when we were born indicating that we were beyond awesome.

Kids of 88 are a two piece New Wave pop group out of New Zealand. Their sound is kind of like crystal castles times bubblegum pop. Those who know me know that I like popular music and this is just about as pop as they come. No surprise I found this over on The Pop Sucker.

They signed a major international record deal in April with Sony, and there album is coming out in August. They will be New Zealand's answer to Bieber but they'll be so much more then that as well.

Just A Little Bit - Kids of 88

They're touring Sydney soon.
Check dates on their MySpace.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Civil Civic #2

Sorry for the lack of posts of late. A combination of NBA finals basketball, broken internet connections and study has left me without the means of blogging of which I crave. Got something new for you that I can't sit on anymore however.

If you cast your mind back a couple of weeks ago you'll recall we jumped right on the Civil Civic band wagon after picking up on their phenomenal track 'Less Unless' from a bunch of bloggers who are a lot hipper than us. Well I'm pleased to share with you today the news of their latest two tracks. Less Unless left me with a melted face, however not unlike the cobrasnake I had an ultimate make-over and am back to mediocre Max Smart level, or Max Mediocre as is fast becoming the term.

Run Overdrive takes it foot off the pedal a touch, but still manages to capture an enormous amount of raw musical emotion, which is ridiculous considering the lack of lyrics. It's the type of guitar work I could envisage Kele from Bloc Party singing over, if not enjoying. Don't know why.

if you've a rock bone in your body you'll froth. That's all I'm going to say about Run Overdrive.

<a href="">Run Overdrive by CIVIL CIVIC</a>

Now if this is something you like the song is available for download over at the Civil Civic Shop. Because they are nice blokes, both of their albums are available for download at a ridiculous "name your price" fee. But help them clear some credit card debt and drop them a 5er. They boys will probably be nice enough to drop you en email if you do applauding your flawless music taste.

They're also touring. Go.
2 June: Hamburg, Germany, @ Hafenklang
03 June: Kristiansand, Norway, @ Charlies Bar
04 June: Oslo, Norway, Betonghaven @ Chateau Neuf
05 June: Gothenburg, Sweden, w/ Fulmakten & Fucking Werewolf Asso Showdown @ Henriksberg
07 June: Gothenburg, Sweden - DJ set, Showdown @ Henriksberg
08 June: Malmo, Sweden: w/ Ganglians - Gold Soundz @ Debaser
12 June: Paris, France: Elvistronica #4 w/ Alto Clark @ L'International, Rue Moret
24 July: London, UK: 1-2-3-4- Shoreditch Festival

You're welcome x.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Hunting Sharks

Jason Hunter and The Great Red Shark have been making music together for close to five years and ‘Wander With Me’ is a track from a 3-month writing session held in the summer of 2008.

It starts with a soothing and hypnotic atmosphere close to the Portishead-sound and then soars aboard the wings of an eagle through a rain storm, out the other side like the feeling of a panadol after a hangover. Ambo-pop with a solid kick drum. This is a really solid track. It's early morning love making music.

Wander With Me - Jason Hunter & The Great Red Shark

They've got some similarly ambient music on their SoundCloud, like this bad boy.

Strings by jhtgrs

Definitely worth knowing about.

The great people at Bad Panda Records are also having a competition to win some limited edition t-shirts so click here for the details.

White Bread

Not sure what it is, but there's a lot of white boys making comedy music. It's really vanilla.

The Deli Boys have just made a track and they're going to be releasing an entire EP this summer. It's really vanilla. It sounds like a combination of Flight of the Concords and reverb and is good for a laugh. The track we've got available for you is called PR Girls. I know a lot of PR Girls, and by rule they're pretty bangin'. Not as good as advertising girls though, or event planning girls either. But still pretty bangin'.

PR Girls - The Deli Boys

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mason Remixes

Pleased to get an email today out of Amsterdam, from production and DJ duo Mason.

For those of you who can cast your minds back, they're the guys who made the absolutely HUGE tune a few years back called Exceeder, which is more commonly known as the backing track to Perfect by Princess Superstar. Check it out on youtube here.

The Dutch pair, consisting of Lason and Coen both have extremely diverse musical background but believe they can come together under the Mason banner to suit just about anyones taste. They've just released their latest track Corrected, and cleared the remixes by Riva Starr, Alex Gopher and Freaky Friday for release to help whet your appetite for what is destined to be not only a dance floor killing track, but without a doubt, one of the years top dance floor's album.

The new single, released on Mason's very own Animal Languague imprint, features Mason's signature driving electro house production along with vocals from DMC of the hip hop legend RUN DMC as well as Australia's own Sam Sparro.

In my opinion the original is the perfect combination of hip hop lyrics and driving electro, a combination I fell in love with a number of years ago thanks to the Bagraiders infamous 'Discobelle' podcast. While there are a lot of big names signed on the remix this track, the pick of the bunch is the Freaky Friday track which uses a bit of wobble and tech to drive this track. The Alex Gopher track has a deep driving bassline, and glitchy synths, while the Riva Starr remix is a touch disappointing I believe. It's the trade mark tech treatment and lacks a little bit of edge compared to the other songs. Despite this, they're three great remixes which any punter interested in bangin' club toons will appreciate.

For all you budding producers as well, they've been kind enough to offer the stems up for you to make your own remixes and edits. Just visit this website and chuck in your details.

Corrected (Freaky Friday Remix) - Mason

Corrected (Alex Gopher Remix) - Mason

Corrected (Riva Starr Remix) - Mason

Preview some of the other remixes and the original on Beatport. You can also check out their website for tour details and more information on the pair.

Soul Bells

SoundCloud's really helping to enhance exposure of artists worldwide. That's a good thing.

Take a look at Go Go Bizkitt! for example. Bloke has gone from bedroom producer to internationally credible artist in a few short months on the back of his soundcloud (and talent no doubt). Not once have I ever received an email asking for me to host his songs, but I know all about them cuz I can track his marked progress on soundcloud.


Check out his latest remix. It's huge.
Le Knight Club-Soul Bells (Go Go Bizkitt! remix) 320 by Go Go Bizkitt!

It's a real 'get the f*ck up and dance' song.

Here's some other music from Keljet. They just made a bootleg of Faithless' new track, 'North Star'
Faithless - North Star (Keljet Remix) by keljet

Both are free for download. Both are top notch tunes. Think this Go Go Bizkitt! number may even be nominated for song of the month. Word.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Frog Legs

Can anybody guess what this is a picture of???


I'll tell you anyway. It's a french house.

Everyone likes French House so here is some good French house music you should be listening to. Don't think. Download.

Primary School - Axel Le Baron
This guy has a record label, and a facebook page. Preview this guys other work on itunes.

Deg - Thony Ritz feat. Cryda Luv'
Old but good. Thony Ritz is next level. Facebook.

Breakin' (Lorenz Rhode Remix) - Strip Streve
If you don't like this song you don't like bass. A german doing French. Not uncommon. Facebook.

Missing You (feat. Ad-Apt) - Louis La Roche
Candidate for song of the year. It's been around for ages but only blogs for a minute. Louis' Facebook.

Malfunction - Louis La Roche
World class from the Englishmen Louis La Roche. When Breakbot dropped this I lost my business.

Enjoy this stuff, and go buy it in better quality from beatport and itunes.

Cannot wait for the release of this from Sydney's own Moonchild.
Human Life - In It Together (Moonchild Remix) by Moonchild

Calm Your Farm

The best thing about running your own blog is you can express your own opinion on issues that have nothing to do with music. So, contrary to popular opinion, I dislike Jessica Watson. Or perhaps I simply dislike her public relations crew. She set out 7 months ago, ran into a ship, we all laughed... then she fucked off around the world to attempt a record she fell 2700 nautical miles short of. Some might call this an epic fail. I know someone who didn't fail though... Jesse Martin ring any bells? Where was his grand welcoming, along with his own special edition of the two biggest newspapers in the country and Prime Minister's welcome?

I think everyone needs to calm down. City Calm Down, if you will (shittest segue ever).

City Calm Down are from Melbourne. They have some band members, all breathe oxygen... nothing special. Their music however is something else. In the dizzying world of remix kings and laptop heroes, it is rare to discover an electro group worthy of note. They are everything you would expect from an Australian Indie-Electro band, and so very much more. Groups like Grafton Primary and Lost Valentinos spring to mind, but what really sets them apart is their raw vocals and highly experimental sound which somehow remains pop-friendly. I actually thought they hadn't had their EP mastered. And this is why I thoroughly enjoy them. They fill the void in the Oz-Electro scene whilst simultaneously revolutionising it and propelling it in a new direction.

I have no hesitation in predicting enormous things for these guys. They will be a big deal.

I've selected three tracks from their upcoming EP, which will be launched at the Toff in Town, Melbourne on July 24. More info on this gig can be found here in the next few weeks. My pick of the litter is Lost. Trapped. Sax solos are so sexy.

Lost. Trapped - City Calm Down

Everyday - City Calm Down

Right from Right - City Calm Down

Ch-ch-check out their SoundCloud where you can download the full EP for free at 320 kbps. You can also throw them some love over at their website.

Peace and Love.

Monday, May 17, 2010


This song is a bit late, but I saw it bouncing around the inter web and thought I'd look into it a bit more.

Shook is a young bloke out of the Netherlands. So far at Groove City we've had a good track record with kids out of the Netherlands, two from two that don't play Dutch Haus. Good news indeed.

Now he's only been on my rader since he emailed us last week with his remix of New York's 'Penguin Prison', but a quick snoop around the net and it's easy to find out that the kid goes a lot deeper then that. In fact, his website,, carries his own personal blog where he details his exploits including the appearance of mysterious Red Tapes with his face on them popping up all over Europe. It also has a number of videos where you can see him jamming out live on his synths making instructional videos for various companies who commissioned him as somewhat of a spokes person, albeit it under a cloud of mystery surrounding his identity.

The thing that is important in all this is that he is really good at what he does. Not unlike our either favourite dutch friends Keljet he is capable of producing an electro sound that is still quite pop, retro and carrying a lot of girth. You'll notice this in his Penguin Prison remix. I'm guessing through sheer talent alone as well, he's extremely versatile. Other artists he reminds me of are Kavinksy, Cassian, Breakbot and the Justice remix of Klaxons. Oh yes.

Upon request, Shook was glad to share with us one of his originals, Something About You. At first listen I found the song a touch boring compared to the Penguin Prison remix, but after listening to it a few times it's grown on my immensely. It's a slow jam with some token vocoder work but it comes together as a sublime concoction of swoon and synths. This bad boy has got lounge written all over it. It will be featured on The Glow EP which will see it's daylight in June. The EP will contain five original tracks including 1986, Flash and Something about you.

If you want even more versatility check out the video for one of his other originals, 1986.

Shook - 1986 from Deceptertron on Vimeo.

Check out his Facebook for an impressive list of influences and to follow him/make him tour down under.

Something About You - Shook

The Worse It Gets (Shook Remix) - Penguin Prison

He also has a pretty Myspace.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


There was a time that the best thing about Canberra was the freeway built around it. There was a time when the best thing about Canberra was the porn and fire works. There was a time when the best thing about Canberra was the Questacon, but all of this has begun to change in recent years.

In a city filled with politicians and university students, it was realistically only a matter of time before power and frivolous behaviour caught up in what has become a real party hub. The big winner out of all of this is the rest of us in a way, as we begin to reap the benefits of the emerging music scene in the town, one such example of course being DJ Bricksta.

Now this isn't a name that I've been familiar with for too long but as his hilarious bio assures me, despite his age, he's been around the game for a while. At an age where most of his friends were still being dressed by their mothers, Bricksta was in his parents hidden love dungeon thumbing through disco, funk and rock vinyls. Once he discovered that those shiny grooved plastic circles were a magical gateway to the sedentary lifestyle of a superstar disc jockey, he saved up all the two dollar coins from his job at the ‘you’ve got a friend’ booth at Sexpo and purchased his first set of turntables.

In recent times, kid has been hosting radio shows, holding down club residencies at some of the freshest joints in the Capital and also been producing a lot of high quality beats. At the moment he has a upcoming 2 track EP on Canberra label 30hz Moth as well as a current release, "Cold Soul" out on Binary Releases (its a deep house tune), which can be found here.

One thing that Bricksta has is definitely versatility. His tracks range from funk to deep house, from filter house to breaks and even further out to the cosmos than you might have thought possible. It's truly a testement to the talent and the potential that this Canberra child prodigy has.

For your interest, here are 3 tunes that I've found that I'm sure you'll really enjoy. The first is a touch housy, the second is a bumpy James Brown remake (win) and the third is a great cover of a famous Beatles track. They're all free for download, as are any more great tracks over on his SoundCloud.

If you enjoy these, be sure to become a fan of his on Facebook.

Miscellaneous Hot Italian Female by DJ Bricksta

James Brown- Get Up Offa That Thing (DJ Bricksta Cheeky Edit) (NO SHOUTOUT) by DJ Bricksta

Streets Of London by DJ Bricksta

Watch your head spin!

I thought I'd throw a warning on this one... big room banging electro will follow. But I promise it's more enjoyable than surfing RedTube.

About 3 or 4 years ago my partner in crime here at Groove City introduced me to this track.

Pussy (Original Mix) - Nadastrom

When I first heard it this track really did blow me away with the huge drop that the whole song builds to. I listened to it non-stop for weeks and whenever I did play a crappy set, I'd drop this and think I was god. 'Pussy' is still an awesome track, and 4 years on is still streets ahead of some of the other electro crap that gets pumped out these days. How can two guys be this good?

When Matt Stromberg and Dave Nada put their rings together they create a powerful force destined to save the electro world from Steve Aoki. And for those who know a thing or two, I acknowledge Nadastrom have ties to Dim Mak but most of their work is done through Universal now (or so I believe). Besides, Steve doesn't have enough time to fuck over two electro powerhouses.

These tracks aren't new, but the reason I post them? Well, Nadastrom are set to play Oxford Art Factory on June 19th. Rumours of an Australian tour floated around in December last year, but now we can confirm one Sydney show, two in Melbourne. They'll also visit Newcastle, Wollongong, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra.

Stay tuned, I will post a link to tickets and promotional paraphernalia related to the show when it comes to hand.

This track is also pretty good. I love Shiny Toy Guns, I think they are brilliant across all albums and their sound is spot on. Nadastrom gave it the remix treatment and bang. Heavy, bass-driven gurnin' music. Kids be grinding their teeth off to this!

Ricochet (Nadastrom Remix) - Shiny Toy Guns

Check their website for full tour details. Tickets coming soon.

Peace and Love

I want the bouncy ball and the Yo Yo

Guess who's back... back again.. Coupons back.. Tell a friend..

These guys have some mad skillz. We've spoken about them before on Groove City before. For those who don't know, Brent and Stu make some gorgeous synth sounds and coupled with their intense desire for success and the ensuing riches of women and remix work proceed to pump out quality remixes and originals on the regular.

This time they've tackled Yaesayer's tune One. It's really good.

They've also made a fantastic new original track, 'driving to your house party'. It's already been given the tick of approval by the likes of Aeroplane and as you can read over at Stoney Roads it's a pretty intense 116bpm track packed full of vintage synthesisers and an aweosome percussion break down which they've accurately described as being fitting for an 80s detective show. Think moustaches, handcuffs, big hair and flairs. I really haven't thought about flairs for a while and I'm glad I haven't. Hadn't. Oh darn.

One (Coupons Remix) - Yaesayer

Driving to your house party - Coupons

You can buy the full 320 here!

Check out their SoundCloud and stay tuned for the album drop.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I though I'd take this opportunity to celebrate our 100th post by going in a direction that we haven't gone since Hype Machine picked us up. LightsoverLA sent me an email earlier. Stormy couldn't sleep, so he decided to do a dubstep remix. At first I was a bit off, but I was always going to post it. And I think Stormy secretly knew that... bastard. By the way, how freaking awesome is Storm as a name. Real or not, chicks be frothin'!

Even though a vast ocean seperates us, I think I have a lot in common with Mr Storm. Whilst I do exude a love of disco and new/dream/chill wave electronica, I have a secret love of dubstep.

Some Chords (LightsoverLA's 5am Dubstep Remix) - Deadmau5

So, given that I've already posted some dub, I might as well post some more. These are the best dub tracks I've ever heard, only because they make you uncomfortable. This is what Dubstep is meant to do, or so I believe. You don't really want to advertise the fact you listen to filth. Anyway, these are a lot better than Stormy's track, but then again these probably had more thought processes than a 5am mindset.

Blue (J. Rabbit Remix) - Eiffel 65

Swagga - Excision & Datsik

Hello - AC Slater

What Do You Hear? - Ajapai

Websites are always an obligatory feature...
LightsoverLA are most awesome.
Excision and Datsik are also American I believe.
AC Slater is from Brooklyn. Someone told me he was from Melbourne. Idiot.
Ajapai is Japanese.

Now, for those of you who also like dubstep, don't expect much more to be posted here. But we have plenty of other quality beats to browse. For those of you who produce/make dubstep, don't send it to us. Unless you're Rusko or Caspa or Joker or someone like that. Even then I'd be hesitant.

Peace and Love.

Civil Civic

Mad Props to the Generic Collective boys for uncovering this one for me. Check out their blog.

Civil Civic are two Aussie's living in London and living the musicians dream. They're drinking pints, making tunes and preparing to embark on a European tour. Before all of this however they released a 5 track tape with some amazing songs on it. The group consists of 2 guys, a couple of guitars, a few keyboards and some incredible raw sounds which come together in a totally disorganised and desirable style.

It's the definition of a beautiful mess. A lot more beautiful than mess though.

You can download the track Less Unless for free and the entire album can be bought over here for as little as 1 pound. Why not drop them a 5ver though and help them clear some credit card debt.

<a href="">Less Unless by CIVIL CIVIC</a>

Less Unless - CIVIL CIVIC

Here's a video of the track being performed live. It's really good.

If you're in Europe you can check out the dates and locations for their shows on Facebook. For anybody whose still reading, check their myspace.

p.s just terrible blogging on my part. This song was first blogged back in December. I'm cool though.


Just another blog post. An international one! From Miami, Florida! I've never been to Florida, but popular culture tells me it is not unlike purgatory... you more or less go there when you're waiting to cross over. If natural causes take too long, I guess you could jump in with the alligators.

If I was going to die and I decided to go to Florida, then I would want to go out listening to something like this. I'm usually very impartial to house music. It does nothing for me. But this remix is cruisy, very easy to listen to and doesn't bore the crap out of me... like most house music. The vocals are remain the feature throughout the song, which is the only good thing about the original.

The only real problem I have with this track is the name of the producer. Danny Dance is a lame moniker. His real name is Alex D. Ortiz, which is a way better name.

All That You Give (Danny Dance Remix) - Kaskade

Check Danny's website.

As a bonus, here is a super cool Nu-Disco mini-mix from a local laptop warrior. House music isn't really our thing at Groove City, so I had to even the balance. WoodYEW is also a pretty crap moniker too.

eleven-minute-madness by woodYEW

Peace and Love.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Press Play

Mash ups have become the fast food of the music industry. While they began life as a genuine production style and genre, the ease and availability of production programs these days has meant that for any wannabe, mash ups are a quick and delicious way to make tunes to try and get exposure. Like the fast food industry however, there has been a recent back lash against unhealthy food that has made us into a nation of fat people.

What I've got for you today is the Burger Fuel of the fast food world. It's fresh, delicious and better for you. While it takes a little longer to make, there wouldn't be a fast food fan out there who would complain given the quality produced. You feel me?

Play is a young charismatic, upcoming mashup artist originating from Melbourne, Australia. Better known to family and friends as Petera Tamarua, he is determined to become a household name in the mashup world. He takes inspiration from the likes of Girl Talk, 2 many DJ’s, E-603 and DJ Shadow, and is currently working on a debut album which is due for release soon. Which will symbolise the beginning of Play.

What I have for you today is two tracks that help demonstrate his versatility and the creativity of his work. The first track 'Place it like that' is an extremely well cut together example of how many samples Play can cut together and still make sound dope. The second takes some classic rap with a classic beat and makes you smile.

This is only the beginning. Expect big things out of this lad for years to come.

Place it like that - Play

Hotel California Forever - Play

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86 Reasons

Me loves me some Disco. Incidentally, we recently received some feedback on the 'Nu-Disco' scene. Perhaps it was more of an opinion, but the basic concerns expressed related to an underlying fear of Disco invasion by Electro-heads. This may be expressed with an Australian orientation, but it is applicable on an international scale also. I think it can apply to other musical genres too. Electro was around a long time before Daft Punk did another world tour and Steve 'please kill yourself' Aoki raped the Beetroots and the scene was invaded by fluro faggots. It seems Dubstep is growing in popularity too. And now Disco has popped its head up, as if we'd forgotten it ever existed.

DJ Agent 86 has been around for over 20 years. That is, he's been DJing and producing since 1989. So it is safe to say he knows a thing or two about 'the scene'. He's been around long before this Nu-Disco scene emerged. He has a pretty impressive collection of accolades too, including (amongst others) Inpress Magazine's 'Local DJ/Producer of the Year' in 2009. I honestly cannot find any information on this Melbournian, but his music is the shit.

His latest collection of work dubbed 'All About the Money' drops May 17, and will be available on Beatport. Here is the first promotional single from said collection at 320 kbps. Beautiful. This is definitely a party track, with a large collection of vocal samples giving it a more hip-hop/funk feel over a very groovy disco track.

Pick up the Party - DJ Agent 86

Check out Agent 86 on his website (which is really his Myspace). Props to Light Speed Records for sharing this wicked toon with us.

If I'm honest, this isn't his best work. Refer to his website for past tracks that will get you moving. As a bonus though, I dug up this wonderful edit of a classic track. More club-friendly and upbeat without taking away from the vocals. Everyone loves a good singalong. DJ Agent 86 is pretty freakin' sweet.

Another Brick in the Wall (Agent 86 Remix) - Pink Floyd

Peace and Love.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Go Go Bizkitt!

Tom Nelson, a.k.a Go Go Bizkitt! is one of the hardest working people in dance music today. I first got in contact with the producer after we exchanged mixtapes after seeing each other post on the same artist fan page, and at the time I noticed beyond his exceptional music taste he also had some interesting productions in the works. A couple of months passed and soon after I began to embark upon the world of SoundCloud, I noticed that Go Go Bizkitt! had even more pots on the boil with a stellar bunch of remixes all available for free and upon getting in touch with him he told me that he'd just been signed on to release some EPs. Plural.

His style is quite unique, incorporating the ideas of french house with it's filters and loops and combining this with soulful guitar and funk basslines. The result is delightful, fresh and something that is capable of absolutely slaying dance floors.

After recently releasing both his self-titled and Stutterfunk EP, we were lucky enough to have Tom answer a few questions via email for us, so have a read and learn some more about the artist known as Go Go Bizkitt!

Check the tunes while you're reading!

StutterFunk! (StutterFunk! EP out now) by Go Go Bizkitt!

Pheeva! (StutterFunk! EP out now!) by Go Go Bizkitt!

Groove City:Perhaps the first thing that people notice about you is your name.. not only is it unusual but it’s riddled with potential for spelling/grammar mistakes.. what’s the story behind it?

Go Go Bizkitt!:Ha ha yeah it is the first thing that people ask when they see me, the name does actually have a story behind it but only a few know it and unfortunately that's how i'm keeping it. However it has been misspelled a lot ... like Gogo Biskit.

Groove City:You’ve been really busy in 2010, can you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been working on and what you’ve released to date?

Go Go Bizkitt!:2010 has been absolutely crazy for me, i've really been getting good feedback that breeds more confidence to keep going & going!, My recent releases have been "The Stutterfunk EP" for Deepfunk records & "The Bizkitt EP" out on Mikita Skyy. Both are my own take on French house that seems to be hitting the spot at the moment which is strange for me in this time where everywhere is noisy thrashy electro/Fidget/Dubstep... at least in England anyways.
I've also got a ton of other tracks in the pipeline & a collab project will be unveiled by a free remix/re-rub every few weeks cos i like to keep busy ha!

Groove City:You hail from a place that a lot of your down under fan base knows nothing about.. Somerset, England. What kind of place is it and what’s the music scene like? Do you guys get jersey shore over there?

Go Go Bizkitt!:Yeah we get Jersey Shore!, i originally come from a small village near Edinburgh, Scotland & have only been here a few years, it's a really laid back place where the weather is a lot better than home & everyone has a "lord of the rings" accent haha, the music scene is like most of southern England which is mainly Dubstep/Fidget/Thrash Electro..... but i'm trying to help bring something different to the night, just as long as everyone is having fun!

Groove City:Your French House/Filter House/French Touch/Disco Funk style has really regained a lot of popularity over the last few months around the blog world and particularly around Sydney. What has been the biggest influence on your style and how long has it taken you to perfect your sound?

Go Go Bizkitt!:My influences have always been the original lads such as Roule/Crydamoure/Sneak/Jess & Crabbe etc up to todays prime that are Breakbot/The Phantoms Revenge/DCUP/TreasureFingers/Moonchild/Eumig & Chinon to name a few. 2 tracks in particular have always inspired me since the very first time i heard them which were "Hi-Fidelity" by Daft Punk & "G.M.F" by Deelat....i got this sound nailed years ago but i never put my work out until the start of 2010.... better late than never i suppose.

Groove City:For all the tech-heads out there can you give us a grocery list of your studio set up?

Go Go Bizkitt!:I use Pro tools/Live 8/Sylenth/Gladiator 2 & a couple of other cheeky vst's..... plus an overactive imagination helps ha!

Groove City:Living in Europe, what are the opportunities like for touring over there?

Go Go Bizkitt!:Europe is a fantastic place for touring...... i hear, unfortunately with me still being in the military i cannot get time off to tour..... but that will be changing soon!

Groove City:Where is your favourite place to play at the moment and describe to us your dream gig (including supports)..

Go Go Bizkitt!:Back up in Scotland, that is always a great place to play... absolute dizkoidz up there and it's fun fun fun!! Dream gig would be in OZ!, supporting Breakbot alongside moonchild/DCUP/Cassian/Mixchoppin & with Miami Horror and Midnight Juggernauts doing their thing!

Groove City:Name 5 songs you’re really feeling at the moment.

Go Go Bizkitt!:Kavinsky-Nightcall(Breakbot Remix)
TreasureFingers-What am i supposed to do
The Phantoms Revenge-Bastards can do 90
Phoenix-Long distant call(Moonchild Remix)
Le Knight Club-Soul Bells (Go Go Bizkitt Re-Rub)... not a's just i can't stop playing it!

Groove City:Name 3 artists you think the world needs to know more about.

Go Go Bizkitt!:Mixchopin
..........All 3 have a unique take on the funk & everyone needs to recognize the sheer quality of their productions.

Groove City:What more can we expect from Go Go Biskitt! throughout the rest of 2010 and beyond? Any plans to come down under?

Go Go Bizkitt!:Well for the rest of the year i plan to get as much music out as humanly possible, get out and about touring after summer & keep the funk consistent!.... and yeah i WILL be down-under by the end of the year... can't wait!

Groove City:Finally you’ve got to sleep with one, marry one and murder one: Justin Bieber (He’s actually a girl), Miley Cyrus and Snookie (from Jersey Shore)

Go Go Bizkitt!:Jeez!... er... Can i just keep Snookie & let the other two fight to the death?

So as you can see this Scotsman got quite the love affair with Australia and it's music scene so be sure to support the artist and hopefully he'll be out here showing his business live before we know it.

The Stutterfunk EP is available on Beatport.
Why not join the Go Go Bizkitt! facebook page as well to keep up to date with what's happening in his world.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Calling In Sick x Cullen

Sydney duo Calling In Sick have fallen off the pace a touch since they first burst onto the scene a couple of years ago with remixes of the Bag Raiders and Midfield General to name but a few, but it appears they're back as polished as ever with their latest remix effort of Melbourne-based Cullen.

As the press release tells me, Cullen is a one man musical enterprise who combines multiple instruments to 'evoke the raw sentiment of Deathcab for Cutie plied with the textured electronics of Royksopp and the off-kilter pop sensibilities of Phoenix all united under the banner of his singular, soaring vocals'. So if that's your biscuit then I suggest you jump on board.

This remix from Calling In Sick of the track "Easily Impressed" does soar. It reminds me of some of the recent work by Def Starr, how ever the progression and bass line is this piece gives it a lot more edge. Definitely one for fans of synth laden disco and leather shoes. Don't sleep on this bad boy.

Easily Impressed (Calling In Sick Remix) - Cullen

Check out Calling In Sick on Myspace.
And for more info on Cullen and to hear the original track check his MySpace or his Facebook.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WTF Beetroots

It's wrong for me to say I hate the Bloody Beetroots, because after all, back in '07 when I first heard there work I really liked them. I just think I hate Warp mostly. What a pig awful noise. Beyond this though, too many people have adopted warp1.9 as a lifestyle. The same type of people who constantly describe their behaviour as 'loose'. People who have ever finished a sentence with Woop Woop need help.

This is a difficult topic to argue though, and I don't want to risk offence to those in question as you never know who is going to come out of the closet as a Warp fan. Here is some music by The Bloody Beetroots from back when I actually got excited by their releases. Compare it to the junk they 'produce' now.

Rant over.

Dimmakmmunication - The Bloody Beetroots

Public Enemy - The Bloody Beetroots

We Are From Venice (La Serenissima) - The Bloody Beetroots

This last one actually still gives me goose bumps. It's an absolutely genius remake of a Venetian baroque groups 1981 hit La Serenissima. In my opinion it's their finest work. Please watch the original video and animated video clip from the original below.

Peas x

Monday, May 3, 2010


Tranter has given his oprego treatment to a new Gameboy/Gamegirl track and it's #good. As we've told you before, the Melbourne scene is ripe with tropical beats and refreshing sounds that are gaining some real recognition the world over. Only the other week did the scatterblog crew release a bunch of moombaton mixes of songs that were even praised by Dave Nada, the creator of the genre (check out Deckhead for more Moombahton info).

This song is like pineapple on your burger. Get on it.

Go 2 Skool (Tranter's Club Dub) - Gameboy/Gamegirl

Check them out on Facebook.

Storm in a DCUP

It's great fun finding photos for posts about DCUP.

There's no denying that DCUP arrived in a hurry when he impressed us all with his style EP last year on Ajax's Sweat It Out label, but his rise to the absolute creme de la crop (is that a thing?) of Sydney's, then Australia's and now the world's top rung of producers has been nothing short of meteoric. You only need to look over at the Aria Club Charts to find his name on 6 songs out of the top 32, including the number 1, 'We No Speak Americano', his collaboration with fellow Sydney Sweaters Yolanda Be Cool which has been there for 10 weeks and counting. Beyond the Aria Charts, he also has smashed the beatport charts in a time where other Aussies such as Cassian, Flight Facilities and Light Year have also enjoyed major success.

Anyway, based on this, it's always exciting to hear new things from the young man and by doing a little bit of scrounging I was able to find some pretty sweet things that he's done recently.

His remix of Piper & Fernandez is a real hybrid of DCUP and his alter ego Hi Beams who is known for his much edgier tech work. I've always enjoyed his Hi Beams stuff and this remix really bridges the gap between his styles with the result being pure win. Check it out. Props to Disco Workout for posting this.

Rockstar (DCUP Remix) - Tom Piper & Fernandez <- removed by request

DCUP Disco Dozen is actually an old 12 minute mixtape he made from what I can find. But it's a great mish mash of some really good tunes, old and new which every fan of his will enjoy.

DCUP Disco Dozen - DCUP

His latest remix to smash the club charts is his remix of Canberra's 'The Aston Shuffle'. This song has been around the circuit for months now but was only officially released last week. For your copy, please support the artist and purchase it on Beatport

I wanna see you (DCUP Remix) - The Aston Shuffle

It doesn't look like this guy is going to be slowing down his frantic pace anytime soon.
Become a fan of his on Facebook to stay up to date with all his happenings. Did I say fan? I should probably start saying 'like' him.

How bland.