Sunday, February 28, 2010

Next Level

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Better late than never.

Most of you may have already cottoned onto the latest offering from French DJ/Producer/Jesus impersonator Breakbot, but for those of you who may have missed it, prepare to get tropical.

For a minute now, Breakbot has made waves the world over with his signature brand of bass heavy disco breaks. A look at his catalogue of work features artists such as PNAU, Digitalism, Sneaky Sound System, Justice, Yuksek and Van She who have all had the pleasure of receiving the Breakbot treatment on their original work, and in recent times it's hard to consider one artist who has been more successful while truly carving out there own unique sound.

His original work to date has consisted mainly of poor quality versions of tracks off of a few EPs that have done the rounds of the web. A few tunes stood out, such as Penelope Pitstop, but it wasn't until Valentines Day passed that we were given the first proper release of this French masters work.

His latest original 'Baby I'm Yours' received remix treatment from Groove City favourite Siriusmo as well as Lafunkmob, the result being 3 unique tracks all brilliant in there own way. The piano jam original is given some horns and guitars by Siriusmo, and some funk fresh cuts by LaFunkMob. You can not be a fan of music and not enjoy these tracks.

Baby I'm Yours feat. Irfane - Breakbot

Baby I'm Yours feat. Irfane (LaFunkMob Remix) - Breakbot

Baby I'm Yours feat. Irfane (Siriusmo Remix) - Breakbot

In May, we are lucky enough to be having Breakbot grace our shores for a show at the Arthouse. Having seen him DJ once prior I can say with no hesitation that it is a night not to be missed. His set was without a doubt one of the top 3 live performances I've seen to date. Get on that sheit.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Float like a Butterfree, Sting like a Beedrill...

How freakin' good was/is Pokemen. Tolkien eat your heart out - at least these characters can evolve. Moving on...

Stay Ali are three young gentlemen from Stockholm, Sweden. Bard, Johan and Elias make up this dynamic Swedish trio who are pumping out tracks at the tender age of 18! I'm nearing 22 and all I have is this crappy blog. Calvin Harris doesn't even have some spare hugs for these guys. Or love. Which I'm sure they're super devastated about.

The best thing about these guys is that none of their tracks are similar 'production wise'. I've heard a few of their tunes, and they range from banging electro to chilled disco-esque pop. And all of it, quite frankly, is brilliant.

You can download their entire new album for free from their myspace.

For my mind, these two tracks best exhibit the extent of Stay Ali's versatility. Both Emotional Day and Publikum are amazing. If Mario and Luigi were the main characters in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, then Publikum would be the theme song. And Emotional Day is just that... a few 'emo' chords with funky ass shit thrown in. Actually probably even more removed is a track titled '97'. If you can, check that out too.

Publikum - Stay Ali

Emotional Day - Stay Ali

Thank you Jarryd for putting me on to Stay Ali. You'd get the credit, but I'm the one with the blog.

Peace and Love.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Retro Fetish

There comes a point in every man's life when it is time to reorganise your cd collection. Having recently filled up my second cd wallet (consider the concept of a chicken wallet for a minute... done? onward!) I decided it was time to ditch some of the Golden Oldies that I've been lugging along with me from gig to gig.

Having recently suffered a hard-drive crash as well as the loss of my track-listing folder, I've found it difficult to find what classics are on my earliest cd's from late 2007, however after discovering my old iPod I was stoked to find the lists of toons I'd originally frothed over at the time of their release. Artists like Sebastian, Soulwax, Crookers and Bloody Beetroots featured heavily, a true sign of the Ed Banger domination that was apparent during the summer of '08. But honestly yuck. I'm really not keen on any of that anymore.

The problem with those songs is that they had no staying power. While sure, they can evoke a memory of nights at tank (remember when that was cool?) but an inherent lack of musicality (is that a word?) in their style means that they're quickly forgotten and passed over by most.

What I have for you however, are some of the gems and forgotten d-floor bombs that in my opinion have stood the test of time.

Hounds of love (Phones Remix) - The Futureheads
The most played song on my iTunes. Classic indie song made dancey. Featured on the 2008 Bang Gang album.

As Above, So Below (Justice Remix) - Klaxons
OMFG tune. This is a good friend of mines tune of the year from 2008 and 2009. This song is frequently discussed in discussions of the best work by Justice. Another classic instance of indie made dance.

Heart it race's (Trizzy's 'tin can' Remix) - Architecture in Helsinki
Trizzy is another name used by A-Trak from back in the day. Takes another indie anthem from what seems like forever ago and makes it a jumpy afro classic. Get some.

Tulips (Minotaur Shock Remix) - Bloc Party
This gem was actually the secret song on the 'Silent Alarm Remixed' album from Bloc Party. If you haven't heard this than I urge you to give it a listen as it is one of the few songs over the last few years in which the remix has upheld and increased in the emotion inherent in the original. Absolute choon. Little thoughts.

Working Together (Boys Noize Vox Mix) - Gonzales
Second most played song in my iTunes library and favourite song of '08. Boys Noize is pretty rubbish now. He's still a talent but only rookies still dig that vibe. I feel sorry for anybody who's paying money to see him and Housemeister play at the forum (Housemeister being one of the most rubbish people ever but at least he's not popular).

Never felt like this (Phone's Remix) - Shanzay Lewis
Something completely different, and I'm yet to find an occasion for this song just yet but check it out if you like pop.

Paramount Rogerseventytwo Remix) - Dj DLG
Big tune from two fantastic artists.

Busta Gasolina (Hunch Mix) - Young MC vs. Bon de role
Hunch a.k.a Max Smart a.k.a me actually made this mash up while pissed with a mate in early 2008. Took me about 5 minutes but it's actually pretty decent. Check it out. Great way to bang out a classic.

That's pretty much it. I'd love to hear from anyone if you've got any memories of any of these songs. They've definitely helped shape my musical interests over the past few years.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I wish I could put into words funky riffs from tracks...

You know what I'm talking about... walking down the road muttering to yourself 'Do do doooo do do dooo'. Right now I am trying to vocalise the static vocals of Hail Social's Cherry Cola Funk - the STA remix of course.

Moving on.

I attended a local 'club night' the other evening solely to catch an hour set by Frenchman Douster. I wasn't fully aware of his existence until a friend of mine mentioned he'd be playing around the corner from me. I'd heard some remixes here and there, but I decided to check him out. Turns out he's fairly awesome. For evidence, please refer below...

I Was Drunk (Douster Remix) - Riva Starr

Afronuts (Douster Remix) - Yolanda Be Cool

I won't overload you with tracks by Douster, but I highly reccommend you check out his other work. He is VERY good at what he does.

The real reason I mentioned him was to highlight the lack of attendance at the aforementioned club night. It is rare that 'The Shire' has a club night. It is even rarer that a French producer with enormous talent and little English performs at such a club night, yet the D-floor was relatively spacious. I can't help but feel that some of those in attendance that night are the same people that are going to Future Music to see Dave Guetta...

Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the set and I thank Huggs (reppin' Mad Decent) for bringing him to my backyard.

I have more tracks to share - this post does have a focal artist. A certain Greek friend of mine who really knows his stuff when it comes to Nu-Disco put me on to Cecile & Venice. It turns out this outfit is a collaboration of two Italians based in... wait for it... Milan. Without hearing any music they've produced, you should instantly recognise that they are so much cooler than you or I will ever be. Ever.

Here are two tracks that I've found by the Milanese... Milany? Milan... residents? Whatever.

White Holes - Cecile & Venice

Rimmel - Cecile & Venice

Finally, I'll leave you with some pure, unadulterated noise. I cannot find anything out about SPA. I assume they're European. Probably Russian with the way the music scene is going these days.

This is for those out there who like to bounce their heads violently in dark rooms, pupils fully dilated, no real concept of their irreparable dental damage they are inflicting on themselves chewing on some sort of liquified froth that was once Wrigley's Extra. I will warn in advance though, you really need good speakers to fully appreciate the awesome-ness of this track.

Piano Magic - SPA

Friday, February 12, 2010

I'll Blow You!

Thanks to everyone who asked after my absence from the blog scene recently. Truth is I'm lazy. And Dave Guetta is still the worst human being in the world.

Last night I was lucky for a few reasons. Firstly, I have a friend who actually reads 'Newsletter' emails from ticket agencies. A few days ago he discovered that two Americans by the names of Tyler Blake and Michael David were gracing the DJ booth at the Civic Underground. Secondly, Tyler and Michael are also known as the Classixx. Thirdly, Classixx are the shit.

The Classixx set was arguably one of the best sets I've heard. Ever. Flight Facilities (see earlier posts by Mack Swell) were meant to support, but according to inside sources they bailed weeks ago. The organisers decided to leave them on the bill anyway. S'if they give a shit.

Always willing to go that extra mile for my readers, I got my stalk on. I stood next to the DJ booth for the majority of the set and wrote down pretty much every song they played. Here are the picks of the litter. I've omitted a few (obviously) and some tracks are yet to be released... so I can't bring them to you just yet. But nonetheless, enjoy!

Thriller (Halloween Night Re-Dub) - Michael Jackson

Otto's Journey - Milo

Little Bit (Loving Hand Remix) - Lykke Li

Dis (Original Mix) - DJ T

It's a War (Serge Santiago & Tom Neville Edit) - Kano

Baby I Can't Stop (Aeroplane Remix) - Lindstrom & Solale

Still Going Theme - Still Going

Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix) - Whitest Boy Alive

Peace and Love.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Got your wings??

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For the last few months I've been lucky enough to be DJing some totes sweet parties at venue's around Sydney, with one main thing intrinsically linking these divine experiences.


Is it a bird? Is it a type of plane? Is it a rare Pokemon? Should I waste my masterball on it?

Definitely no! How do you think you're gonna catch Mew without your masterball?

But in fact, Falcona is actually a music agency that books and manages talent, and also runs nights at places like Q Bar, Fringe Bar, Sugar Mill, Mona Pub and Cargos. Chances are if you like to party you've been to a Falcona night. Beyond the nights themselves, the role call of talent on their books is probably only second to some large record labels.

While agency's continue to pop up, dime a dozen, the Falcona dudes/sheila's have for a couple years now been on the scene, which is not only testament to their marketing brains and such, but also to their ability to through some incredible parties.

More often than not, the acts in these parties are not just fad DJ's playing bonkers/warp/crookers or whatever is hot at the minute (David Guetta is a joke), but genuinely talented people who also produce music. In this modern age where everybody and their pet can pedal the ones and twos, people with the skill and talent to produce are the new/rare commodity. Tonight I'd like to showcase the music of a couple of kids who I've been lucky enough to meet and play with while repping at Falcona parties.

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Kids (Alison Wonderland Remix) - Sherlocks Daughter

Beyond being a total babe, Alison Wonderland has become THE sought after DJ across Sydney, dropping bombs on places from Chinese Laundry, to SOHO and everywhere in between. This is the first production effort I've heard from her, and it's already tearing up the Hype Machine charts. Her sound is not dissimilar to other Sydney boy D Cup, being bouncy with definite pop flavours aaaand working under the pretence that producers get better with each effort.... then the sky's the limit for this girl.

Eff Sharp - Rocobop

This song is a catchy number from young Sydney dude, and pirate enthusiast Rocobop. This tune is like Jeffer by Boys Noize minus the gurn, and the smooth vocal sampling dropped displays production skills that are beyond his years. Rocobop (a.k.a Brendan) is currently living it up snow style overseas, but when he's back he'll definitely be one to watch out for.

Both these artists are on Facebook/Myspace so support them/friend them/tell them you've been Googling them. They'll probably dig it. And if you're after the next Falcona night then come check me this Wednesday at Fringe bar where I'll be playing such hits as Whooop! (there it is) - Tag Team

Peace. Bless the Baha Boys.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

He'll get you!

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By now, everybody should have definitely heard of producer and DJ champion, and avid video game enthusiast Cassian. By all accounts, this Sydney boy is an absolute boss at the moment. He's been remixing seemingly non-stop since the middle of last year and also was lucky enough to release his first ep on Christmas day with the internationally acclaimed mega hit 'Friday Night' in amongst two other instant classics.

Now I first heard the name Cassian while purchasing the 'Destination Remixes' album off of beatport last year. While the Damn Arms original track was amazing, the Der Die Das and Bang Gang remixes both intriguing in their own styles, it was without a doubt the Cassian tune that was the pick of the bunch. However, after previously never having heard of the producer of this boss of a remix, I had a bit of a hunt around Myspace only to realise that he was a producer from Melbourne.

This was a belief I held for around 4 days, until I realised that Cassian was merely a fresh start from his previous DJ-ing moniker of CSK-OK. And he had lived in Melbourne for a few years, but definitely hailed from Syders. From memory, this was the same kid who remixed the likes of zZz and also did an acoustic cover of Bag Raiders song Fun punch.

By the way Fun Punch has to be in the song of the decade conversations.

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Anyway.... so CSK-OK a.k.a Cassian first cut his teeth on scene in Candy's Apartment and the Roxbury in Parramatta. As far as his musical style goes, his sound can be described as electro-funk, and he's often able to lead his tunes with his insane guitar skills.

A quick snap shot of his current catalogue of remixes and you will notice he's more or less had his hands on all of the biggest songs of the last 6 months, however by no means is he's prepared to sit back on his epic tour schedule just yet. Within the next month he's also due to release a remix of Swick's headlining song 'Grow Up' (which is currently around 2 months behind it's release date??) and also Flight Facilities future classic, 'Crave You'. Wowowowowowowow.

Enough words. Here's some tunes.

High Life (Cassian's Bootleg) - Daft Punk
An absolute dance floor bomb. Word on the street is he made this in around 6 hours. Boss? Probably the best Daft Punk remix for a good while.

Tokyo Getaway (Cassian Remix) - Polygon Palace
Lovely little remix of an indie tune from new comers Polygon Palace. Purple Sneakers music almost :-/

Destination (Cassian Remix) - Damn Arms
Yummmy little jumpy number. Check out the guitar solo at the end. Face Melter.

Final Round - Cassian
Original tune. Samples street fighter. Gorgeous little groove that appeared in my mixtape just below.

Fuck Song - Cassian
Slow jam. Not bad at all.

Make you mine (Cassian Remix) - Miami Horror
Solid Remix of one of the top tunes from the beginning of last year. Much like some of his other works, he seems to add a lot of character and emotion to the originals which is a pretty rare trait for electronic music. What?

Shooting Stars (Cassian Remix) - Shooting Stars
Get on with it!

I've decided not to post Friday Night just yet because you should really go and buy it from itunes. Tip your waitress!