Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Pates is an abreviation I just made up for the Pants party this weekend featuring Kato and Frames. It works if you think about it.

I'm pretty excited for this saturday as we're getting together two sick DJs who know each others style really well, and are also big fans of each other, meaning that there's gonna be some sick chemistry bopping round that bar that I think y'all will enjoy.

To give you a little sampler of the excellent music taste of the blokes involved, I've got a little mixtape that my boy Frames threw together of some jams that he's really feelin' at the moment.

Bucky Gunts by Frames

The tracklisting is a veritable who's who of spicy house music producers at the moment, and it's crafted together in a fashion that shows off the same finese the man has been displaying in the studio in recent times.

So if you're interested in seeing the real deal behind the wheels of steal this saturday, Pants kicks off at 9pm and goes til late at Melt Bar, just around the corner from Mansions. For more details check it out on Facebook. As mentioned, tunes will be provided all night by Kato, Frames, Mo' Hat Mo' Play, and the Free Swedes. Get involved.

Bucky Gunt Tracklisting
Shit Robot - Take 'Em Up
Jori Hulkkonen - I am Dead (Hurcules & Love Affair Remix)
Dimitri From Paris - Rock This Town (Night Dubbin' Remix)
Touch Sensitive - Body Stop
Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love (Tensnake Remix)
Voltage - All Night (Munk Remix)
Catz 'n Dogz - I'm The One Who's Crazy
Loin Brothers - Garden Of Vargulf (Tornado Wallace Remix)
Cleo & Patra - Marcus Antonius On The Run
Chocolate Milk - Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover (Guido Remix)
Tiga - Hot in Herrre
Linton Brown - Bliss
Guido - Mad Sax
The XX - Shelter (Tiga Remix)
Chilly Gonzales - Never Stop

Monday, September 13, 2010


Alfa is an artist I've got a lot of time for. Out of Los Angeles, you might be familair with his name if you fellow the record label Binary who is currently responsible for some of the nicest releases going around from groups like LexiconDon, Keenhouse and a swag of others.

While the first track I heard from this bro was his delightful remix of NightWaves hit single 'Sweet Carrie', his other releases have him classed as an electro artist with equal parts pop and swagger in a similar mould to Fred Falke without the bass guitar, or Florrie without the girl parts. He sent over a few of the tracks he has had released recently and it's safe to say that while they represent a slight change in his style, they're still of great quality. Check out his SoundCloud for more tracks.

It's safe to say that the summer style inherent in most Binary artists had had an influence on these tracks, which I'm all for. As the temp warms up in Sydney, it's time to ditch the snuggies and sip beer in boardies by the beach. bam. And if the Binary crew read this, can I suggest perhaps that instead of letting summer fade away in beautiful Cali, how about a label trip downunder? You can bunk at my house while your write sweet music and I'll pretend I'm Louie Austen. Think about it.

Vim Cortez - Givin' it up (ALFA Remix) by Alfa

ODahl - Dance Mama (ALFA Remix) by Alfa

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scuola says Ciao!

One artist that I'm glad I found out about is the Scuola Furano. He's an Italian house stallion nailing quality productions, and he's been around for a while. A few months back I featured a bunch of tracks of an EP that he released that were incredibly good. The EP was a homage to 90s house and a throw back era where loops would go on for 10 minutes and never get old.

I'm determined to help make this man a household name within my group of friends, as I'm tired of having to explain who he is every time I play his tracks and I get asked about them. What better way to halt this trend then by telling you about it here, online, in writing for all to see!

This guy is good and you should know about him.

Below is a remix that he made a little while back for Katzuma, a soul funk italian project, that he turned sick with disco vibes.

Dr. Know (Scuola Furano Remix) - Katzuma

For more information and tracks from this talented bro, check out hsi website and of course his SoundCloud where you can check tracks off the EP I mentioned above.

Way 2 Fonky

Sydney bros I always get excited about are the Generic Collective. If you follow Groove City you would've heard me talking about them by now. They throw killer parties when they can, and have recently been lucky enough to play up at Splendour in the Grass. Big achievement, however it doesn't look like they'll be slowing down anytime soon with a set at Parklife on the cards, as well as another insane party to be thrown on Friday the 17th of September at Club 77.

These guys are all closet hip hop heads any when they throw down you know it's gonna be way to legit for most. This up coming party, called Way 2 Fonky is headlined by fellow Sydney bro, Mike Who, a talent rising up through the turntable scene. I recently caught him filling in for a regular on FBi 94.5 and the boy has game. Mike has made a mixtape to help promoted the party, and if you're into your West Coast, G-funk tunes you won't want to miss a beat.

Catch it below, and check out the accompanying video. RSVP on facebook here. Long and the short of it, on Friday the 17th of September, this will be dope.

Way2Fonky, a hip hop party. from Michael Tyson on Vimeo.

Takin No Shorts Vol 1 West Coast (Way 2 Fonky promo mix) by Mike Who

If this tickles your fancy, be sure you to check out their blog as well, at www.genericcollective.com

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Masaki is a local Sydney bloke who has been around for a minute. I first met him at a gig where despite playing back to back, we threw down completely different styles and I was thoroughly impressed with his tropical tech house set despite knowing absolutely nothing about it.

Turns out the kid can produce as well. He's been at it for a little while, and after a recent name change, he's beginning to enjoy his first bit of success with his latest single enjoying some radio airtime on Triple J courtesy of other Sydney bros, Yolanda Be Cool. This led to support from other artists including Tom Piper, Blaze Tripp as well as Camel all the way from Italy. Short story is that it's a great single, and at a young age and with passion to boot, Masaki just might have what it takes to go places in this biz.

You'll like him if you like Mowgli, Solo, Renaissance Man or any other tropical bros. Get involved.

Bussare Groove (Original Mix) w/ Pop The Hatch by Masaki

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Here's more music I've been sitting on fo' a month.

When I was in school, I was in a lot of organisations. I did music, and sports and well yeah a heaps bunch more things you probably don't care about. The one thing that was awesome was being the tallest person in the student body. Bang!

I bet when BitFunk was at school he was the biggest bad ass in the student body. There's no way you get a funk swagger like he has from reading between the lines. Have a listen to his remix of LexiconDon below and tell me I'm wrong.

Lexi on the other hand would have been the kids behind the art room dropping tabs of acid and vomiting up rainbows. The guys have made a proper impact with their singles to-date, and in between the time of them sending me this promo, and me posting it, their album has come out on iTunes and bang! It's really really good. Search for it and enjoy it.

As the weather finally begins to warm up a bit in Australia, I'm looking forward to two things. Being able to sleep naked again, and enjoying a lo-fi summer. Whammy.

LexiconDon - Student Body (Bit Funk Remix) by Bit Funk

Student Body by LexiconDon


Here's a track I've been sitting on for months.

A nice record label, Shiny Disco Club, sent me a promo for one of their artists called Kartell. He's a young French producer and DJ who's gain the attention of other French touch producers including Thony Ritz and Go Go Bizkitt. He's a got a style which is addcitive and designed for the big room. His EP (which may be out now, been sitting on this for a while) is going to feature remixes from a who's who of blog haus killers from 2010 including Mix Chopin, Night Drugs and Go Go Bizkitt. Bound to be a good thing! Check out his track Desire Focus if you haven't already, and peep his SoundCloud for some of his other tracks. Another artist to watch.

Check out the Shiny Disco Club SoundCloud for some other great artists that I'm going to feature.

Desire Focus by kartellmusic