Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scuola says Ciao!

One artist that I'm glad I found out about is the Scuola Furano. He's an Italian house stallion nailing quality productions, and he's been around for a while. A few months back I featured a bunch of tracks of an EP that he released that were incredibly good. The EP was a homage to 90s house and a throw back era where loops would go on for 10 minutes and never get old.

I'm determined to help make this man a household name within my group of friends, as I'm tired of having to explain who he is every time I play his tracks and I get asked about them. What better way to halt this trend then by telling you about it here, online, in writing for all to see!

This guy is good and you should know about him.

Below is a remix that he made a little while back for Katzuma, a soul funk italian project, that he turned sick with disco vibes.

Dr. Know (Scuola Furano Remix) - Katzuma

For more information and tracks from this talented bro, check out hsi website and of course his SoundCloud where you can check tracks off the EP I mentioned above.

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  1. We made an short interview of him for the release of the EP you're talking about in your post.

    I give you the link!

    Antwan Shalom from