Monday, September 13, 2010


Alfa is an artist I've got a lot of time for. Out of Los Angeles, you might be familair with his name if you fellow the record label Binary who is currently responsible for some of the nicest releases going around from groups like LexiconDon, Keenhouse and a swag of others.

While the first track I heard from this bro was his delightful remix of NightWaves hit single 'Sweet Carrie', his other releases have him classed as an electro artist with equal parts pop and swagger in a similar mould to Fred Falke without the bass guitar, or Florrie without the girl parts. He sent over a few of the tracks he has had released recently and it's safe to say that while they represent a slight change in his style, they're still of great quality. Check out his SoundCloud for more tracks.

It's safe to say that the summer style inherent in most Binary artists had had an influence on these tracks, which I'm all for. As the temp warms up in Sydney, it's time to ditch the snuggies and sip beer in boardies by the beach. bam. And if the Binary crew read this, can I suggest perhaps that instead of letting summer fade away in beautiful Cali, how about a label trip downunder? You can bunk at my house while your write sweet music and I'll pretend I'm Louie Austen. Think about it.

Vim Cortez - Givin' it up (ALFA Remix) by Alfa

ODahl - Dance Mama (ALFA Remix) by Alfa

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