Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Masaki is a local Sydney bloke who has been around for a minute. I first met him at a gig where despite playing back to back, we threw down completely different styles and I was thoroughly impressed with his tropical tech house set despite knowing absolutely nothing about it.

Turns out the kid can produce as well. He's been at it for a little while, and after a recent name change, he's beginning to enjoy his first bit of success with his latest single enjoying some radio airtime on Triple J courtesy of other Sydney bros, Yolanda Be Cool. This led to support from other artists including Tom Piper, Blaze Tripp as well as Camel all the way from Italy. Short story is that it's a great single, and at a young age and with passion to boot, Masaki just might have what it takes to go places in this biz.

You'll like him if you like Mowgli, Solo, Renaissance Man or any other tropical bros. Get involved.

Bussare Groove (Original Mix) w/ Pop The Hatch by Masaki

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