Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Civil Civic

Mad Props to the Generic Collective boys for uncovering this one for me. Check out their blog.

Civil Civic are two Aussie's living in London and living the musicians dream. They're drinking pints, making tunes and preparing to embark on a European tour. Before all of this however they released a 5 track tape with some amazing songs on it. The group consists of 2 guys, a couple of guitars, a few keyboards and some incredible raw sounds which come together in a totally disorganised and desirable style.

It's the definition of a beautiful mess. A lot more beautiful than mess though.

You can download the track Less Unless for free and the entire album can be bought over here for as little as 1 pound. Why not drop them a 5ver though and help them clear some credit card debt.

<a href="http://shop.civilcivic.com/track/less-unless">Less Unless by CIVIL CIVIC</a>

Less Unless - CIVIL CIVIC

Here's a video of the track being performed live. It's really good.

If you're in Europe you can check out the dates and locations for their shows on Facebook. For anybody whose still reading, check their myspace.

p.s just terrible blogging on my part. This song was first blogged back in December. I'm cool though.

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