Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Civil Civic #2

Sorry for the lack of posts of late. A combination of NBA finals basketball, broken internet connections and study has left me without the means of blogging of which I crave. Got something new for you that I can't sit on anymore however.

If you cast your mind back a couple of weeks ago you'll recall we jumped right on the Civil Civic band wagon after picking up on their phenomenal track 'Less Unless' from a bunch of bloggers who are a lot hipper than us. Well I'm pleased to share with you today the news of their latest two tracks. Less Unless left me with a melted face, however not unlike the cobrasnake I had an ultimate make-over and am back to mediocre Max Smart level, or Max Mediocre as is fast becoming the term.

Run Overdrive takes it foot off the pedal a touch, but still manages to capture an enormous amount of raw musical emotion, which is ridiculous considering the lack of lyrics. It's the type of guitar work I could envisage Kele from Bloc Party singing over, if not enjoying. Don't know why.

if you've a rock bone in your body you'll froth. That's all I'm going to say about Run Overdrive.

<a href="">Run Overdrive by CIVIL CIVIC</a>

Now if this is something you like the song is available for download over at the Civil Civic Shop. Because they are nice blokes, both of their albums are available for download at a ridiculous "name your price" fee. But help them clear some credit card debt and drop them a 5er. They boys will probably be nice enough to drop you en email if you do applauding your flawless music taste.

They're also touring. Go.
2 June: Hamburg, Germany, @ Hafenklang
03 June: Kristiansand, Norway, @ Charlies Bar
04 June: Oslo, Norway, Betonghaven @ Chateau Neuf
05 June: Gothenburg, Sweden, w/ Fulmakten & Fucking Werewolf Asso Showdown @ Henriksberg
07 June: Gothenburg, Sweden - DJ set, Showdown @ Henriksberg
08 June: Malmo, Sweden: w/ Ganglians - Gold Soundz @ Debaser
12 June: Paris, France: Elvistronica #4 w/ Alto Clark @ L'International, Rue Moret
24 July: London, UK: 1-2-3-4- Shoreditch Festival

You're welcome x.

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